Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine of Midwestern University

Isaac Theerman, ENS, MC, USNR

Undergraduate Studies: BS in Microbiology, University of Oklahoma
“My initial attraction to osteopathic medicine was based on its philosophy, and it was not until I observed the practical application of OMM that I realized its utility. Shadowing an osteopathic physician as an undergraduate student, I had the opportunity to see how OMM can immediately improve a patient’s quality of life. That experience initiated my desire to learn this additional tool to meet the various needs of patients. I have been privileged to attend AZCOM because of the college’s pursuit of academic excellence, which is demonstrated each year by matching students to top-tier residency programs. While fostering an environment for learning, AZCOM encourages personal and professional development through activities and opportunities in leadership, service and research. I am pursuing a career in surgery, where OMM is not used regularly. However, I know that the principles and techniques that I have learned will continue to assist me as I serve my patients.”