Edward Via Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine – Virginia Campus

Larry Carpio

Undergraduate Studies: BS in Chemistry; minor in Biology, University of Virginia

Graduate Studies: MS in Genomics and Bioinformatics, George Washington University 
“Osteopathic medicine encompasses everything that I seek in a profession because I view the body as a total system, and believe that the body itself should serve as the physician’s most helpful healing tool.  Because primary care allows the physician to treat a variety of patients and their diverse cases, this is the front-line of health care.  VCOM has exposed us to a variety of settings, including rural and underserved areas and international settings that lack not only the personnel, but also the supplies of a large hospital.   Sometimes the only instruments that we had were our hands.  I have learned the importance of using my hands to both diagnose and treat.  These OMM techniques are proven to both prevent and treat ailments and should be a part of every physician’s arsenal.  VCOM has given me both instruction and the ability to master the art of manual medicine.”