Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine – New York

Michael Erickson

Undergraduate Studies: BS in Psychology, Arizona State University

Graduate Studies: MS in Interdisciplinary Studies in Physiological and Biological Sciences, Touro College

“Osteopathic medicine is more than a career or catch phrase. It is a way of life; a philosophy. To embody all that is osteopathic medicine is to truly appreciate all that makes us human.  The body is a multifactorial entity that encompasses mind, body and spirit.  Osteopathic medicine trains physicians to respect this notion, how to facilitate balance, and therefore how to provide patients with the opportunity to find health. 

“It is easy to become overly invasive in today’s medical field.  With new medications and procedures springing up faster than we can keep up with, there is opportunity to lose the connection between patient and physician.  Notwithstanding cure, quality of life is the most important thing for a patient. Osteopathic medicine is geared for maximizing quality of life with the least amount of invasiveness.  It is not always realizing the need to cut, but knowing when you can put the scalpel down.”