Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Michael G. Tecce

Undergraduate Studies: BS in Accounting, Saint Joseph's University

Graduate Studies: Post-baccalaureate Pre-Health Sciences, Saint Joseph's University

“My transition from business to medicine was tough, but rewarding.  I graduated with an accounting degree, secured a job at a major accounting firm and soon earned a promotion.  At 24 years old, I was providing business advice to high-powered executives and was scared of no one. While on the surface I seemed fulfilled by my success, I was empty inside. 

“Suddenly, tragedy struck my family and I found myself in a state of self-rediscovery.  I soon found medicine and began my journey with a variety of outreach initiatives.  I realized how great is the command of the mind, the strength of the spirit, and the power of touch in the restoration of health.

“Osteopathic medicine provides the best opportunity for me to leverage the experiences of my background in providing the highest and most complete level of care.  To be the best surgeon, or radiologist, or physician in any medical specialty, I need first to be a good clinician.  Osteopathic medicine affords me the best training to achieve that goal.

“At PCOM, we are fortunate to have the type of faculty and administration that genuinely care about creating a welcoming environment conducive to our learning. Connected with their dedication to our success, it's our drive that pushes us forward as a community, it's our passion for excellence that gives our mission its purpose, and it's our love and respect for one another that makes us more than a college.”