Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Miguel Villacorta

Undergraduate Studies: BS in Electrical Engineering, University of Miami

Post- Baccalaureate Studies: Biology, Florida International University Graduate Studies: Current MPH Candidate, NOVA Southeastern University COM
“The unique approach to patient care that provides the ability to diagnose and treat patients with hands-on techniques drew me to osteopathic medicine. The osteopathic profession has a strong foundation encompassing the treatment of patients as a whole and not simply a disease. This solidified my desire to become an osteopathic physician, and NSU-COM provided the opportunity of an excellent medical education.

“NSU-COM is committed to the education and development of qualified physicians and leaders who will carry our osteopathic profession through the changes in health care. It provides students with the ability to take part in their education through leadership roles, clubs, organizations and volunteer opportunities. In the future, I will utilize the skills I have acquired through my comprehensive medical education and employment opportunities to find innovative methods of patient care that are effective and sustainable in our changing health care environment.”