Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences College of Osteopathic Medicine

Preston Wright

Undergraduate Studies: MS in Biology; double minor in English and Chemistry, Lambuth University

“Osteopathic medicine appeals to me because of its applicability in a diverse array of situations, including situations where medicines and medical facilities are not always readily available. I plan on providing medicine in areas of need, and having the ability to provide treatment when nothing else is available will be a fantastic asset.

“Most medical students are looking for schools that are going to provide a great education, intense rotations and ways to excel beyond the classroom. KCUMB-COM provides all that. Its students have great rotations, tons of research opportunities and fantastic board scores. But KCUMB-COM also offers a nurturing culture. From its ambassadors at interviews, to the alumni connections after graduation, KCUMB-COM is always looking to help its students in any way it can.

I graduated from a small liberal arts school. I had a lot of interests in other subjects throughout college, English being one. Coming to KCUMB, I figured everyone would be Biology majors and fit the cookie cutter mold. But I was wrong. There’s a great diversity of academic and general life background at KCUMB and at many DO schools, which is one reason I knew a DO school was a good fit for me.”