University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine

Shreya Gandhy

Undergraduate Studies: BS in Psychology, University of Texas at Austin

Graduate Studies: MS in Biotechnology, Johns Hopkins University

“Growing up as a classical Indian dancer, I had always relished a good challenge. In college, I began to gain a new sense of fulfillment when I joined a non-profit dance troupe that raised money for local charities. I am seeking that same feeling of achievement and positive impact in my medical career. My interest in global health and serving in low-income communities drew me to osteopathic medicine because of its focus on promoting the body to heal itself so as to prevent recurrence of dysfunctions. I believe that preventive medicine can improve the quality of life for those with limited resources in underdeveloped countries.  Osteopathic medical training at UNTHSC/TCOM has facilitated this by teaching me to address patient care in a humanistic and compassionate manner while exposing me to hands-on training from year one.  

“UNTHSC/TCOM’s faculty, staff and student body have played a tremendous role in shaping my future in medicine and provided immense support for my endeavor to impact global health. During the summer of 2012, I interned with the World Health Organization, where I was able address the lack of mental health care in low-income countries via the mental health GAP Program. Now, having a better idea of my role in global medicine, my DO training at UNTHSC/TCOM continues to shape my high spirits, compassionate nature and academic curiosity in a way that will help me become a confident and competent physician.”