Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine

Zachary W. Townsend

Undergraduate Studies: BS in Science Preprofessional Studies, University of Notre Dame
“My undergraduate education provided me with many opportunities that both formed and shaped my passion to practice medicine. Specifically, the experiences I had on service trips to the Appalachian region exposed me to health care disparities that sparked my desire to make a difference. After graduation, I participated in OU-HCOM’s Summer Scholars Program and instantly knew that I had found the place for me to learn the practice of medicine. I was first struck by the authentic sense of family at OU-HCOM that radiates from the dedicated faculty, passionate professors and supportive students. OU-HCOM wants its student to succeed, and that is evident in all that the college does. New to osteopathic medicine, I valued the holistic approach and use of manipulative medicine as additional tools to aid in the care of patients. I believe that the power of touch sets osteopathic medicine apart by incorporating humanism into medicine.”