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First Year Biology and Biochemistry

Electronic Resources

  • ANKI Flashcards
  • Firecracker
  • Kaplan videos
  • Picmonic


  • BRS Biochemistry*
  • Lippincott’s Biochemistry*
  • Marks’ Basic Medical Biochemistry
  • Rapid Review – Biochemistry
  • USMLE First Aid

Additional Resources

  • Free and Easy Biochemistry (PDF)


  • Attend class and write your own test questions for practice.
  • In regard to biochemistry, when in doubt write it out and know how each process relates to another.
  • Stay on top of your material. Use your lecture material but supplement if you need. I used First Aid for the USMLE to give me some broad overviews on the biochemistry. It really helped.
  • Write out all pathways.
  • Understand concepts first, then learn details.
  • Draw out everything – it helps with memorizing pathways!
  • Get a dry erase board and use it!
  • Actually learn the mechanisms, don’t depend on wrote memorization
  • I quizzed right out of our handouts with my roommate. My scores improved dramatically after doing verbal quizzing instead of writing out objectives.
  • Draw out a summary of the lectures.
  • Save old notes and diagrams. Many students end up “relearning” old material in much the same way as they did in undergrad. Keep old notes – especially diagrams and charts. Restudy and recopy these. It’s easy to “rebuild” from what you already are familiar with instead of reinventing the wheel.
  • Saying it out loud and repeating the terms helps a lot.
  • The best advice for studying Biochemistry is to draw out all the pathways and to include in your drawing everything that can stimulate or inhibit that pathway.
  • Don’t fall behind!

* – Top rated book resources

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