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Third Year OMM

Electronic Resources


  • An Osteopathic Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment
  • COMLEX OMM Review
  • Savarese OMT Review**
  • Nicholas Alexander Atlas of Osteopathic Techniques*

Additional Resources



  • Repetition is key, so practice on one another!
  • Know the sacrum well!
  • Treat each other with OMM as a study break. It not only helps with the aches of studying for hours on end, but gets you use to feeling for tissue texture changes, diagnosing, and treating on your own.
  • Make sure to understand the big picture, rather than individual techniques. For example, know the muscules and joints involved and how they operate versus memorizing the steps to setup treattment.
  • Practice practice practice. Get a table. Offer to work soft tissue on all family members. Be sure to ask about any contraindications with EVERYONE!!! It is great practice for MSK exam as well, regardless if continuing OMM.

* – Top rated book resources

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