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First Year Physiology

Electronic Resources


  • BRS Physiology**
  • Costanzo Textbook*
  • First Aid for the USMLE Step 1
  • Guyton and Hall Physiology*
  • Pocket Guyton and Hall (AKA Baby Guyton)
  • Lange Medical Physiology
  • Raff and Levitzky’s Medical Physiology
  • Rhodes Medical Physiology
  • Thieme Color Atlas of Physiology


  • Pay attention to detail!
  • Attend class and write your own practice test questions.
  • The key is to understand cause and effect, then fill in the middle parts.
  • Using shortened texts was really helpful with the amount of information we had to understand for Physiology.
  • Go through pathways multiple times, write them out, vocalize, see it in your head and be able to explain in words.
  • Writing notes from my own perspective helped me condense information in a way I could digest and apply during exams.
  • Understand how each part of a system leads into the next one.

* – Top rated book resources

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