Doctors & What They DO

An Educational Initiative by AACOM

New Summer Program for 3rd through 6th Graders!

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What does it mean to be healthy? Who are doctors, and what do they DO?

AACOM is launching Doctors & What They DO, a new, free summer program to help 3rd-6th graders learn about health, wellness and the osteopathic medical profession.

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About the Program

The 3rd-6th grade students participating in our free summer program will complete a two-week curriculum, Monday-Friday, consisting of 10 lessons ranging from 30-50 minutes. All lessons will be offered virtually and taught by current osteopathic medical students. We aim to offer future programs in person, following the COVID-19 pandemic. Download Informational Flyer 

Download Enrollment Flyer

Aligned with Common Core State Standards

Carefully designed to educate and inspire the next generation of doctors, the lessons and curricular resources are aligned with Common Core State Standards and were developed by AACOM in partnership with educational consultants Rachel Koval and Katie Murphy. Ms. Koval and Murphy have trained all the participating osteopathic medical student instructors to ensure they are fully equipped to teach the material. 

Session Dates

The virtual program runs Monday through Friday. All classes run no longer than 50 minutes. All times are Eastern Standard Time.

 Sessions Class Start Times  Registration
 June 21-July 2
 12 pm ET  Cancelled
 June 21-July 2
 1 pm ET  Full
 July 12-23
 9 am ET  Completed
 July 12-23
 10 am ET  Completed
 July 12-23
 6 pm ET  Completed
 July 12-23
 9 pm ET  Completed
 August 2-13
 9 am ET  Register Now
 August 2-13
 12 pm ET  Register Now





Certificate of Completion

All students who complete the course will receive a "Certificate of Completion”. 

Parents: Enroll Your 3rd - 6th Grader Today!


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Space is limited this summer*

Parents, please use the button below to enroll your child in this free summer program. We urge all parents to oversee their child’s participation in the summer program. Please keep this in mind when you're selecting a two-week session date.

The program is virtual and will be taught via Zoom. While attendance is free, families must provide their own computer and online access. Curriculum worksheets may be completed online or downloaded and printed.

*The 2021 Doctors & What They DO summer program is a pilot program conducted on a small scale. AACOM will evaluate the program's success prior to offering it to a larger audience. 

Jayme Bograd, AACOM Director of Application Services, Recruitment & Student Affairs

Why Career Education Matters

Research shows that early interventions are critical to improving a student’s academic identity, combating stereotype threat, providing role models and increasing knowledge of and interest in career options.
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Bibi Aysha Patel
First Year Medical Student
California Health Sciences University College of Osteopathic Medicine