Applicants and Matriculants by U.S. States/Territories & COM: Entering Class 2016

Below is an interactive dashboard1 that depicts data on entering class 2016 applicants and matriculants who submitted an application to an osteopathic medical school2 by U.S. states/territories and by college of osteopathic medicine (COM). This dashboard is fully interactive with several features to filter3, navigate, expand, and share the graphics/tables:

Navigation Bar

  • Access different pages on the dashboard using the forward  and back  buttons
  • Enter full screen mode using the full screen button  or expand a particular graphic using the expand button in the upper right hand corner of that item
  • Share the dashboard using the share button

Interactive Features

  • Filter by selecting specific items from the list or graphic.
  • Hold down the control key to select multiple fields in a graphic or check multiple boxes from the list provided.
  • Hover over items (state, bar chart, etc.) to see the exact data for that field.

Dashboard Layout

  • Page one: table, map, and bar chart with information on the COMs-including location, type, and inaugural class year-the 2016 AACOM applicants and matriculants were able to designate to receive an application.4 State and school type filters included.
  • Page two: tables showing the frequency and percent of applicants/matriculants by state. Click on the bar chart to select a state or hold control to select multiple states.
  • Page three: stacked bar graph displaying all applicants’ designations by state. Hover over the different color bars to see the number of designations in that state by COM.
  • Page four: table depicting all applicants’ designations by state. Select a state to see the number of applicants’ designations in that state by COM.
  • Page five: map, bar graph, and data card showing the number of matriculants by state of residence. Select one or more COMs from the list, or click on a state in the map, to adjust the total number of matriculants shown.

This dashboard is a test implementation of new approaches to presenting the various data that AACOM collects from the annual survey, special surveys, AACOMAS applications, and the entering and graduating student surveys, along with data from other sources. Comments and suggestions are welcome to research@aacom.org.

1 Built using Microsoft Power BI.
2 The NYIT-COM's émigré program applicants/matriculants are not included in this analysis because the data are not part of the AACOMAS database. UNTHSC/TCOM receives its applications through the Texas Medical and Dental School Application Service and provided supplemental data on their applicants/matriculants state of residence for this dashboard.
3 A filter for COM cannot be included in the applicant section of this dashboard based on the structure of the underlying database.
4 Please refer to the U.S. Osteopathic Medical Schools by Year of Inaugural Class report for a more complete listing of COMs.