IAMSE 2018 Faculty Development Web Seminars


For the third year, AACOM is pleased to offer Faculty Development programming to its members through an innovative agreement between AACOM and the International Association of Medical Science Educators (IAMSE).

This collaborative arrangement provides all faculty at every college of osteopathic medicine the opportunity to participate in all 15-18 IAMSE Web Seminars throughout the next year at no cost. The format and length of the web seminars makes it easy for faculty to learn alone on their computer, or gather in a large group to facilitate further discussion. Held during the fall, winter, and spring, each seminar is presented from 12:00-1:00PM ET and is 40-45 minutes in length with 15-20 minutes of moderated discussion followed by Q&A in which your faculty can participate. Typically, individual members can expect to pay $120 - $240 for a single series. However, through this agreement with IAMSE, AACOM’s member colleges have access to the entire series for their faculty at no cost for the 2017-18 academic year of programming!

Additionally, with the IAMSE/AACOM agreement, each AACOM member college is granted IAMSE Institutional Membership (normally $500 -$750) which allows four designated faculty a one-year membership to IAMSE. Membership in IAMSE provides professional advancement opportunities to network with colleagues at other medical facilities, establish collaboration and exchange programs, publish in the Association journal, conduct and/or attend courses and workshops on educational methods, present projects from your school, and develop the credentials of a truly effective medical educator. See IAMSE Benefits for more information

The fall 2017 IAMSE Webinar Series registration process is underway for the September and October time frame in which the focus will be on “Evolution and Revolution in Medical Education – Global Challenges and Solutions in Health Professions Education” where presentations will range from ‘The Future of Family Medicine in China’ to ‘Design and Implementation of a Pediatric Critical Care and Emergency Medicine Training Program in South America.’

AACOM’s partnership with IAMSE for this series continues to bring these webinars in professional development to all of our osteopathic medical faculty free of charge.


Vol. 1, No. 14
August 10, 2017