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COSGP Celebrates Black History Month

February 21, 2018

Zuri_HudsonIn honor of Black History Month, AACOM's Council of Osteopathic Student Government Presidents (COSGP) has initiated a campaign to feature stories of minority osteopathic medical students. We caught up with Zuri Hudson (pictured left), COSGP's National Diversity Representative and osteopathic medical student at Lincoln Memorial University-DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine (LMU-DCOM), for more details.

Who is involved in the campaign?

This campaign originated from the Diversity Committee within COSGP. Within my position as National Diversity Representative, I was tasked with using this year to celebrate and display diversity efforts across our colleges of osteopathic medicine (COMs). Through our Students of Medicine initiative, we have been able to post stories of adversity, strength, and resilience. With this month being Black History Month, we found it fitting to feature minority students at our COMs. We feel that in sharing these stories, we can embrace the diversity within our local communities and also hear from students how being a minority student impacts us daily.

What initiated the campaign? Has COSGP done something similar in the past?

As far as I know, this campaign has not been done in the past, but I certainly hope it continues. This is the first year that our COSGP Executive Board has had this position solely focused on starting the conversation of diversity in the National Diversity Representative role. I’ve had the unique opportunity to brainstorm ways to leave tangibles, this campaign being one of them. I know my story and how I feel about being a minority medical student, but it’s been empowering to read and share other students’ insight with our osteopathic community at large.

What is COSGP doing for Black History Month? Where can we find the stories?

We are featuring minority medical students for Black History Month. They were given questions regarding goals, inspirations, hardships, advice, and a prompt asking how they feel empowered. These questions are ones that I knew would draw out powerful messages and content that may not be the easiest to read but is needed to be able to understand and empathize with being a minority in medicine. The entries have absolutely blown me away and I’ve been inspired reading every single one; the vulnerability and authenticity are motivating to say the least. The stories can be found on our Facebook page, COSGP Students of Medicine, and our Instagram page, @cosgpstudentsofmedicine.

What is the goal of the campaign?

Within my role, I have had the opportunity to participate in conversations about diversity and how we continue to diversify our health care workforce. It all is rooted in representation and mentorship. This campaign gives minority students a chance to be highlighted on a national stage representing medicine and explaining the importance of mentorship and overcoming adversity to eventually empower the community around you. The goal of this campaign is to embrace diversity through the eyes of the minority students in our osteopathic community.

Read below for some of the many stories that have been shared by COSGP:


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February 22, 2018