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AACOM's newest report on revenues and expenditures has also been posted. Learn about its key findings inside.

February 27, 2020


Campus Roundup

You'll also find out which BCOM students received Tucson Osteopathic Foundation Scholarships, how ICOM students spent their time with therapy dogs, and who VCOM-Auburn announced as its Student DO of the Year.


Enjoy the amazing stories of these future health care professionals, who share why they pursue medicine, discuss their future goals, open up about the challenges they face as underrepresented minority students, and more.

Research and Reports

Follow the link to read more about key findings, and where to view the report for further reading.

Educating Leaders

Here's how you can read the published abstracts and learn more about the selected submissions.

Scholarship Opportunity

The application deadline is March 31. Here's what they need to get started.

Share Your Work

Submissions are currently being accepted for osteopathic training, Osteopathic Recognition, accreditation, evaluations, and many more topics.

Choose DO

Read about Gerald Holder's first two years at ACOM, and his mission to give back to his community.

Upcoming Deadlines

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