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GME Placement Over 99 Percent for Spring 2020 Graduates

June 04, 2020

View more details about this year’s placement numbers, and how they compare to the previous three.

More than 99% of spring 2020 graduates from colleges of osteopathic medicine (COMs) seeking graduate medical education successfully placed in a GME program, according to a new report.

AACOM's "Report on Osteopathic Medical School GME Placements in 2020 Matches" comprises data collected from each individual COM to determine the participation by and placement of 2020 graduates in GME. Main findings in the report are as follows:

  • 6,815 new physicians will be beginning their graduate medical education in July 2020. This compares to 6,482 new physicians in 2019 (who had a 98.48% placement rate), 6,186 new physicians in 2018 (who had a 98.14% placement rate) and 5,898 new physicians in 2017 (who had a 99.34% placement rate).
  • The three-year increase in the number of graduates is accounted for by several COMs graduating their first classes and growth at existing COMs.
  • 283 students matched through the military match. This compares with 266 students who matched through the military match in 2019, 272 in 2018, and 254 in 2017.

View this and other full reports on the AACOM website.