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ICOM Brings OMT to Ballet Idaho, Arnstein Sholarship Applications and More

Also inside: KCU announces new key faculty positions, AOGME to host two upcoming webinars, and AOA to rovide new grant funding opportunities.


January 16, 2020



Eligible students who are looking for funding opportunities are strongly encouraged to participate—here's how to get started.

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COM News

You'll also read about WVSOM's art studio, PCOM's Board of Trustees announcement, and NSU's new clinic to assist veterans.

AOGME Webinars

Two upcoming AOGME webinars will cover these and other topics—you can register to watch both live.

Grant Opportunity

Grant applications are due to the AOA on January 31, 2020. Learn more about how you can participate.

AACOM Internship

The eight-week internship is ideal for osteopathic medical students looking to gain first-hand experience in federal health care and higher education policy.

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