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New AACOM Reports Show Change in Basic Science Faculty

Also Inside: "I Chose DO—and Orthopedic Surgery Chose Me"


January 30, 2020


Choose DO

Dr. Catoe’s journey to become an osteopathic medical student and orthopedic surgeon proves that there are many paths to medicine—read more about his here.


Data from these reports indicate a change in total hours for basic science faculty between 2017-2018 and 2018-2019; you can now view both on our Research page.

Professional Development

The conference will be well-attended by osteopathic professionals working in education and advocacy. Register today.

News Briefs


Meet each award winner, learn about their contributions to COSGP, and about their involvement in committees.

Professional Development

This highly interactive workshop is open to both interprofessional faculty teams and individuals. Learn more about the program, and how to get involved.


Explore eligibility requirements, judging criteria, and more about this financial scholarship, which will be given to at least two osteopathic medical students.

Educating Leaders

There will be four pre-conference workshops offered at our 2020 Annual Conference—here's what you can expect from each.

Campus Roundup

You'll also get an update on construction of the new medical education facility at Heritage College, and ATSU's 'Warm Up Kirksville' Event.

Upcoming Deadlines

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