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Also: AOA, ACGME and AACOM Usher in New Era of Single Accreditation for Graduate Medical Education.


July 2, 2020


Campus Roundup

You'll also read about WVSOM's virtual neuroscience camp for high school students, the most recent recipient of a Schweitzer Fellowship, and more.

AACOM Updates

The AOA, the ACGME, and AACOM join this week to celebrate completion of the successful transition to a single accreditation system for graduate medical education in the U.S.

News Briefs

Choose DO

"Through every challenge, I became closer to who I envisioned for myself: more alert, more attuned, and better equipped to adjust as needed."

AOGME Webinar Series

Join us in the next AOGME webinar to explore the 3C’s of Human Potential, a proven talent assessment tool that positions an employer with a high probability of selecting the most suitable candidate for a role.


As we all continue to adjust to our new reality, it’s important that we also adjust our advocacy strategies to ensure that they remain effective and safe.

Professional Resources

Inclusion into the DRL is a great way to add awareness and recognition to your contributions. If you have anything to contribute, we strongly encourage you to submit.

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