What Would You Like for Dinner?

Speaker: Gabrielle Rozenburg, COSGP National Legislative Affairs Representative

Written by: Amarpreet Everest, Touro-CA

Imagine going to dinner with a companion who loves to order for you.  Sometimes you dislike the food he orders and sometimes he gets it exactly right. One day you end up in the hospital because he ordered a dish with peanuts and you had your usual throat constricting reaction to this ingredient. This scenario is an example of how politics can work. We are experts of our own field and we can provide critical information to shape policy. But if we don’t speak up, we may very well be an accomplice to an avoidable disaster.  Policy molds our institutions, which is a great place to make a large impact. We need to speak up and make our concerns heard!

Student doctor Gabrielle Rozenburg outlined many ways for students to be involved. We can get involved in our local governments, state societies and national societies.  We can attend our state society conferences. We can attend D.O. Day on the Hill in Washington D.C. or at our own state capital steps.

Another way students can be highly involved is to apply to the Health Policy Intern Program. The deadline to apply for the 2016 cycle is February 23, 2015, and housing and stipend are provided. Students spend two months on the hill meeting with national agency policymakers, attending policy meetings, and completing a health policy paper. This program is a great way to get involved.

We can also team up with our MD student counterparts to improve healthcare. Many DOs are part of the leadership of the American Medical Association (AMA), which is similar to our AOA. By working with MD’s, we can combine our voices and advocacy power to promote health in our community.

AACOM recognizes student involvement and awards an annual Student Advocate of the Year. Be that student who is involved and recognized for your advocacy.

Whatever way you choose to, GET INVOLVED! Order your own dinner! Policy starts from the grassroots of you and me.