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General Information

Poster Presenters

  • Poster Presenter Guidelines
  • Upload Poster PDF*
    PDF files should be named using the following naming convention, depending on your assigned poster presentation session: “PrimaryAuthorLastName_day1” or “PrimaryAuthorLastName_day2

    If you are presenting more than one poster on the same day, please add "a" or "b" as part of the naming convention. For example:  "PrimaryAuthorLastName_day1a" and "PrimaryAuthorLastName_day1b"

    How to upload a poster PDF file

Oral Session Presenters

Sample headshot
  • Please title the photo with your full name using this format: Last_MiddleInitial_First
  • Photo should include both head and shoulders
  • File format: JPEG or PNG
  • Dimensions should be at least 3.5" wide x 3.5" high (250 pixels = 3.5")
  • Photo resolution should be 72 dpi or above

How to upload your speaker headshot

*Please Note: This is a public folder and its contents are visible to any individual who clicks on the link. Use of this folder is entirely optional. Photos submitted will be removed on a weekly basis and moved to our app.




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