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A Learning Style Self-Assessment to Guide Students to Improve in the Competency of Medical Knowledge
Presenter: Camille DiLullo, PhD

Analyzing First Year Osteopathic Medical Students’ Learning Styles, Spatial Ability, and Success in OPP/OMT
Presenters: Janet Hamstra, EdD, MS, Barbara Arcos, DO, David Boesler, DO, MS and Mark Sandhouse, DO

Assessing Medical Student Beliefs about Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment at Four Osteopathic Medical Schools
Presenters: Brian Draper, BA, Jane Johnson, MA and Neal Chamberlain. PhD

Assessment of the Retention of Microbiological Content Presented in Laboratory Across Two Learning Pathways
Presenters: Mark A.W. Andrews, PhD, Kim Moscatello, PhD and Christopher Keller, PhD

Bioterrorism:  A Health Emergency
Presenters: Joshua Coren, DO, MBA and Claudia A. Switala, MEd

Board Review Resource Essentials Recommended by Osteopathic Medical Students
Presenters: Council of Osteopathic Librarians (COOL): Elaine Powers MSLS, Frank Ames PhD, Sharon Eckert MLS, Annie Donelan MLS, Janice K. Skica MS

Case-Based Online Module: A Headache or a Cure?
Presenter: Christina Dokter, PhD

Competency-Based Evaluation of Premedical Applicants: Can Progress in Holistic Admissions Be Measured?
Presenter: Emil Chuck, PhD

Cultural Beliefs on Colorectal Cancer Screening
Presenter: Rose McGeever, DO

Current Practices in Medical Education Research: An Overview of Trends Related to Curriculum, Instructional Delivery, and Assessment
Presenters: Matt Vassar, PhD and Machelle Davison, EdD

Developing Clinicians’ Statistical Interpretive Skills and Their Ability to Effectively Deliver Diagnostic News
Presenter: Donald Sefcik, DO, MBA

Development of a Tool for Initial Assessment and Tracking of Basic Science Knowledge During Preclinical and Clinical Years
Presenters: Mark A.W. Andrews, PhD and Christopher Keller, PhD

From The Outside Looking In: Questions and Confusions Of Non-Traditional Students
Presenter: Richard Levy

Generational Views on Advising:  A Student's Perspective
Presenter:  Machelle Davison, EdD

Global Health In Our Backyard: Development and Impact of a Homeless Camp Outreach
Presenter: Winston J. Willis, OMS-III, Charles J. Taylor, OMS-III and Sikandar H. Khan, OMS-II 

H1N1 College and University Preparedness: An Interdisciplinary Campus-wide Model Approach - Lessons Learned and Recommendations for the Future
Presenter: Richard Levy

Improving Educational Outcomes in Spite of Larger Class Size
Presenters: Thomas Dayberry, DO and Mark Sanders, DO, JD, MPH

Integrating High-Fidelity Patient Simulation Experiences into a Pre-Clinical Undergraduate Medical Curriculum
Presenter: Diane Karius, PhD

Interprofessional Care and Community Health Resources
Presenters: Kathryn Dolan, PhD and Mark Sanders, DO, JD, MPH

Measuring Effectiveness of a Proposed National Faculty Development Approach for a Distributed Clinical Education Model
Presenter: Nehad El-Sawi, PhD

Portaits of the Invisible: Faces of Urban Dying Poor
Presenter: David Wendell Moller, PhD

Pre-Matriculation Variables and Academic Performance at the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine
Presenters: Tina Machu, PhD, Rynn Ziller, EdD and Cody Arvidson, PhD

Student DO for a Day
Presenters: BrandonAbbott, MPH, OMS-III and Joyce Haynie, MEd

Team-Based Learning as an Answer to the Challenge of Implementing Application Tasks and Case-Based Exercises for Large Class Sizes
Presenters: Terrence W. Miller, PhD, Marina Loudina, MD, PhD and Jutta Guadagnoli, PhD

Tips for the Creation and Transformations of New Medical Libraries
Presenters: Frank Ames, PhD, Elaine Powers, MSLS, Lisa D. Travis, MS and Shelly Warwick, PhD, MLS, MFA

The NYCOM Health Literacy Project
Presenter:  Chellappa Kumar, PhD

Training in Obesity Management for Osteopathic Physicians and the Impact on Co-Morbidities and Healthcare Reform in the US
Presenters: Barbara Friedman, MA, MPA and Farhan Contractor, student in DO/MBA program