Note: All materials we have received and have been authorized to post are linked below. If you presented at the meeting and would like to update or complete the information, please contact Beth Martino,, 301-968-4189.


A Medical Student Journal Club: Design, Implementation, and Importance

  • Timothy Hegeman, OMSIII
  • Norman Gevitz, PhD

A Preliminary Inquiry Into Reducing Medical Errors: Reflection, Stress & 1st Year Medical Students

  •  Robert Miller, EdD

A Qualitative Study Describing the Perceptions of Healthcare Providers in Rural Under-Served Nicaragua

  •  Matt Vassar
  • Stanley Grogg

Access to E-Health Information and Basic Medical Concepts: A Service-Learning Partnership between Second Year Medical Students and a 7th Grade YMCA After-School Initiative

  •  Edward Skicki

Aggressive Transitioning from Community Hospital to ACGME/ AOA Teaching Hospital

  • Joseph Stella, DO
  • Mary Roth, MD
  • Linda Famiglo, MD
  • Steve Evans, DO

An Analysis of Factors Which Predict Success on Clinical Skills Exams

  • Marti Echols
  • Heidi Lane

An Innovative Approach to Integrating ACLS into Medical School Curriculum

  •  Stephen Laird, DO
  • Susan Coon, MABC

An Intermodel for Integration of All-Hazards Preparedness Education into the Osteopathic Curriculum

  • Leonard Levy, DPM, MPH
  • Kelley Davis, PhD

Beyond Medical Knowledge: Using Team-Based Learning in the First Year of Medical School to Address Osteopathic Medical Competencies

  • Barbara Winterson, PhD
  • Kathryn Thompson, PhD
  • Renee LeClair, PhD
  • David Manyan, PhD


Board Review Resources Recommended by Osteopathic Medical Students: Survey for 2010

  • Elaine Powers, MSLS
  • Frank Ames, PhD

Course/Faculty Assessment Plan

  •  Bonnie Granat, MS Ed, PhD
  • Tara Greco, BA
  • Ronald Portanova, PhD


Creating New Affiliations with Veterans’ Affairs Medical Centers for Postgraduate Osteopathic Physician Training

  •  Jennifer LeTourneau, DO, MCR

Cultural Competence and Interprofessionalism: Alternative Methods of Teaching to Medical Professionals

  •  Bettina Bernstein, DO

Developing Minimal Osteopathic Competencies for Osteopathic Medical Students

  •  Donald Noll, DO

Does the Experience of Medical School Result in Less Tolerant Physicians?

  • John George, PhD
  • Stephen Laird, DO
  • Susan Coon, MABC
  • Sondra Sanford, MSW


Effectiveness of Peer Raters in Assessing Student Competence in a Geriatric OSCE

  •  Pamela Basehore, EdD, MPH

Efficacy of Communication Among Third-Year Osteopathic Medical Students During High-Fidelity Patient Simulations

  •  Diane Karius, PhD
  • John Dougherty, DO

Electronic Tracking of Patient Encounters and Procedures Improves Feedback About Student Engagement in Clerkships

  • Linda Adkison, MS, PhD
  • David Lockwood, BS

Enhancing Distance Learning Through Collaboration and Technology at Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine (MSUCOM): A Prospective Study of Medical Students’ Perception and Academic Performance

  • Deborah Virant-Young, PharmD
  • Kari Hortos, DO

Evaluating the Impact of an Interprofessional Educational Module on EMDR Among Medical Students

  • Gloria Workman, PhD
  • Michelle Lee, PhD
  • Karen Nichols, DO

Experience With an Online Clinical Pharmacology Course

  • Robert Theobald, JR, PhD
  • Julia Ousterhout, PhD
  • David Middlemas, PhD
  • Jeffrey Suzewitz, DO


Exploring the Relationship Between COMLEX and COMSAE

  • Ethan Arenson, MS
  • Linjun Shen, PhD, MPH

Facilitator Training for Simulation Debriefing

  • Luke Mortensen, PhD
  • Michael Flood, DO

Frequency of Counterstrain Tender Points in Osteopathic Medical Students: An Osteopathic Educational Research Study

  •  Karen Snider, DO

Geriatric Education and Training in Texas (GET IT):  An Innovative and Comprehensive Approach to Strengthening Physicians’ Training in Geriatrics

  •  David Farmer, PhD

Global Health Leadership Program as a Model to Enhance Interprofessional Practice Environment

  •  H. Dean Sutphin, BS, MS, PhD
  • Jessica Muller

Global Medical Mission Model and Assessment for Interprofessional Practice at the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine

  • H. Dean Sutphin, BS, MS, PhD
  • Dixie Tooke-Rawlins, DO

Implementation of a Professional Enrichment Program Provides Opportunities for Student-Directed Learning and Service

  • Linda Adkison, MS, PhD
  • Andrea Hanson, BA 

Integration of Legal and Clinical Issues in a Patient Simulation Diverticulitis Case

  • Denise Hill, JD, MPA

Integration of Oral Health Components into the Medical Curriculum

  • Patricia S. Sexton, DHEd
  • Margaret A. Wilson, DO
  • Jeffery Suzewits, DO 

Introducing Medical Students To Shared Decision-Making In The Preclinical Years: Effects On Attitudes And Confidence

  • Melanie Southard
  • Patricia Hiserote, DO
  • Kara Gabriel, PhD
  • Jennifer Ferrell, DO


Project Advance for a More Diverse Workforce

  • Lois Small, PD
  • Mary Ann Achtziger, MS
  • Ronald Portanova, PhD

Protocol for Clinical Global Health Case Studies

  • Jessica Muller, BA
  • H. Dean Sutphin, PhD

Qualitative Research as a Means of Scholarly Activity for Career Advancement for Healthcare Professionals and Medical Educators

  • Amina Sadik, PhD
  • India Broyles, EdD
  • Polly Leonard, DO
  • Sarah Dubay, MEd


Range and Value of Services Provided by Libraries at Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine

  • Elaine Powers, MSLS
  • Frank Ames, PhD 

Teaching Health Centers: A Sea Change for Graduate Medical Education

  •  Brandon Abbott, MPH, OMS-IV 

The Daniels Initiative: Interprofessional Education in the Care of Complex Community-based Patients

  • Laura Hanyok
  • Kathleen Becker
  • Rosalyn Stewart
  • Benita Walton-Moss
  • Randol Baker
  • Elizabeth Tanner

The Effect of Time Management on Performance in COMLEX

  • Feiming Li, PhD
  • Linjun Shen, PhD, MPH

The Inquisitor: A Student-led University Research Tracker

  •  Brandon Abbott, MPH, OMS-IV

The Pre-Health Role in Osteopathic Medical School Admission

  •  Kevin Kaufmann

The Realities of 21st Century Disasters and Opportunities for Interprofessional Education

  • Kelley Davis, PhD

Training Primary Care Providers to Assume a Role in Genetic/Genomic Medicine

  • Leonard Levy, DPM, MPH

Use of the Standardized Patient Experience to Promote Competence in the Application of Effective Health Literacy Techniques in Older Adults

  • Anita Chopra, MD, FACP, AGSF, CMD
  • Pamela Basehore, EdD, MPH
  • Claire DiVito, BS, DTR
  • Sima Bennett, RD, MPH


Using CurrMit for Curriculum Evaluation

  • Marti Echols, PhD 

Using Technology for Student Remediation

  • Marti Echols, PhD 

Vodcasting in a Medical Cell and Tissue Biology Course

  • Craig Canby,  PhD
  • Glenna Ewing, EdD


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