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Brain Connoisseurship: How Brain-Based Research Can Improve Teaching/Learning in Medical Education

  • Overview and Framework
    Stephen S. Davis, PhD, Director, Faculty Development, OU-COM
  • The Use of Brain-based Learning
    Robert C. Miller, EdD, Neuropsychiatry & Behavior Sciences, Private Practice, Blacksburg, VA
  • A Preliminary Analysis of the Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Osteopathic Medical Student Performance and Success
    Gail Singer-Chang, PsyD, MA, MS, Director, Institute for Medical Educators, Western U/COMP

From Tags to Tweets: Growing Community Through Social Media

  • Eric Stoller, Social Media Educator, Former Pre-Med Advisor at Oregon State University's College of Public Health and Human Sciences, and Blogger for


Prevention and Healthy Behaviors: Essential Elements of the Future of Health
  • Richard H. Carmona, MD, MPH, FACS, 17th Surgeon General of the United States (2002-2006), Vice Chairman, Canyon Ranch; President, Canyon Ranch Institute; and Distinguished Professor, Zuckerman College of Public Health, University of Arizona

Thursday, March 29

The Inspiration of Courage: A Perspective of Reality
  • COL. David W. Sutherland, Special Assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

COCA: Current Issues and Future Directions

  • Konrad Miskowicz-Retz, PhD, CAE, Director, Department of Accreditation, American Osteopathic Association


Qualitative Research: A Uniquely Holistic Tool for Understanding Phenomena in Health Care and Medical Education

  • India Broyles, EdD, Professor and Director, Master's in Medical Education Leadership, UNECOM
  • Amina Sadik, PhD, MS, Associate Professor, TUNCOM-NV

Utilizing Public Data to Successfully Target Patient Populations for Prevention

  • Ann K. Peton, MPH, Director, National Center for the Analysis of Healthcare Data, VCOM

What You Can Do with the OME Data on the AACOM Website

  • Erik Guercio, Associate Director of Research, AACOM
  • Eric Lui, Research Analyst, AACOM
  • Diana Tung, Research Analyst, AACOM
  • Catherine Golden, Research Assistant, AACOM


Developing a Learner-Centered Interprofessional Faculty Development Program

  • Stacey Pinnock, MSW, Director of Interprofessional Education, NSU-COM
Inter-Institutional Interprofessional Education
  • Sheree Aston, OD, PhD, MA, Vice Provost, Western University of Health Sciences
  • Susan E. Mackintosh, DO, MPH, Director of Interprofessional Education, Western University of Health Sciences
  • John T. Pham, DO, PC, Assistant Professor, Western U/COMP
  • Dennis Muscato, MS, Interprofessional Education Manager, Western U/COMP
Interprofessional Collaboration During Medical School Years Three and Four
  • Arthur B. Rubin, DO, FACOP, MHA, Assistant Dean - South Central Region, WVSOM

Tech Tools for Information and Project Management

Overview to Information and Project Management
Arnold H. Hassen PhD
, Professor and Director for Medical Informatics, WVSOM

  • Using Dashboard to Manage Clinical Projects
    Polly Leonard, DO, Associate Clinical Professor, UNECOM
  • Utilizing Sharepoint for Searchable Meeting Minutes: A Tool for Assessment, Evaluation and Accreditation
    Thomas J. Mohr, DO, Acting Dean, RVUCOM
  • Use of Dashboard Portal to Manage Student Progress
    Scott Helf, DO, MSIT, Chief Technology Officer, Western U/COMP


Building Healthy Organizational Change Behavior: An Appreciative Inquiry Approach to Implementing Interprofessional Education
  • Robin Cooper, PhD, Interprofessional Primary Care Education Project Director and Assistant Professor, NSU-COM
  • Stacey Pinnock, MSW, Coordinator of Interprofessional Education Curriculum, NSU-COM

The Patient's Role on the Interprofessional Team (20 min)

  • Cecilia Rokusek, EdD, MSc, RD, Executive Director of Education, Planning and Research, NSU-COM

DUAL PRESENTATIONS - Focus: Geriatrics

Developing Osteopathic Competencies in Geriatrics for Medical Students

  • Donald R. Noll, DO, FACOI, Professor of Medicine, UMDNJ-SOM
  • Millicent Channell, DO, Associate Professor, Acting Chair, Department of OMM, UMDNJ-SOM

Creating Successful and Innovative Geriatrics Clerkship Programs: Geriatrics Success Stories at UNTHSC/TCOM and UMDNJ-SOM

  • Pamela Basehore, EdD, MPN, Associate Director for Medical Education, UMDNJ-SOM
  • Janice A. Knebl, DO, MBA, Chief, Geriatrics Division, UNTHSC/TCOM
  • David Farmer, PhD, Assistant Professor, Program Director, Reynolds GET-IT Program, UNTHSC/TCOM

AACOM Leadership Lunch
Featuring a special presentation by Marc Nivet, EdD, Chief Diversity Officer, Association of American Medical Colleges

AACOM Advocacy and Legislative Update 2012

  • Pamela Murphy, MSW, Director of Government Relations, AACOM
Simple Skills Health Care Providers Can Use to Help Obese Patients Find Success
  • Wayne Miller, PhD, Director, Center for Rural and Community Health, WVSOM

BRIEF PRESENTATIONS - Focus: Supporting Partners

The 2015 MCAT

  • Erin A. Quinn, PhD, MEd, MPA, Administrative Director of Medical Education, Community Memorial Health System

COM Faculty Credentialing

  • Scott A Steingard, DO, Board Member, Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB)
  • Sandra Waters, MEM, Chief Innovation Officer, Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB)

Moving to the Head of the CLAS: Using the National CLAS Standards to Promote Cultural and Linguistic Competency Skills in Medical Students

  • Guadalupe Pacheco, MSW, Senior Health Advisor to the Director, Office of Minority Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Community Projects as Contextual Learning: Team-Based Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine Training for MS-2 Students

  • Frederic N. Schwartz, DO, Associate Dean of Community Campuses, ATSU-SOMA
  • Mara Hover, DO, Director, Clinical Affairs Unit, ATSU/SOMA

Building a Healthy Environment for Medical Students with Disabilities

  • Kristina Clark, Assistant Director, Disability Accommodations, UNTHSC/TCOM
  • Katy Kemp, MEd, Director, Center for Academic Performance, UNTHSC/TCOM

North American Medical School's Experience with and Approaches to the Needs of Students with Physical and Sensory Disabilities

  • Raymond H. Curry, MD, Vice Dean for Education, Feinberg School of Medicine, President, McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University


Use of EMR to Emphasize Preventive Services in the Undergraduate Osteopathic Medical Education Curriculum

  • Margaret A. Wilson, DO, Professor and Chair for Family Medicine, Preventive Medicine and Community Health ATSU-KCOM
  • Patricia Sexton, DHEd, Associate Professor of Family Medicine, Community and Preventive Health, ATSU-KCOM

Leveraging Social Media

  • Frank Ritchel Ames, PhD, Chair, Department of Medical Informatics, RVUCOM
  • Elaine G. Powers, MSLS, Director of Library Services, VCOM
  • Brian Schwartz, MLIS, Associate Professor of Medical Informatics, RVUCOM

The iPad Revolution

  • Logan Murphy, BS, Osteopathic Medical Student II, UP-KYCOM
  • Cathryn J. Rehmeyer, PhD, Associate Professor of Pathology, UP-KYCOM

Friday, March 30


Interprofessional Collaboration and Obesity: What Medical Students Need to Know
  • Miriam Alexander, MD, MPH, Director, General Preventive Medicine Residency; Director, Mid-Atlantic Public Health Training Center, Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health; President, American College of Preventive Medicine


  • Janet Head, EdD, RN, MS, KCOM-AHEC Project Director, ATSU-KCOM
  • Susan Mackintosh, DO, MPH, Director, Interprofessional Education Program, Western University of Health Sciences


SAM: A Study and Mentoring Program – A Step Toward Lifelong Self-Assessment
  • Rita K. Getz, PhD, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, CCOM/MWU
  • Glenn Nordehn, DO, Chair, Internal Medicine, CCOM/MWU
Peer Teaching in Osteopathic Medical Education
  • John Graneto, DO, MEd, Clinical Associate Professor, CCOM/MWU

Student Orientation as a Mechanism to Transition Students into Medical Education

  • Matt Vassar, PhD, Curriculum and Outcomes Assessment Coordinator, OSU-COM
  • Machelle Linsenmeyer, EdD, Director, Office of Educational Development, OSU-COM


Changing Student Attitudes Toward Obesity with an Osteopathic Educational Model

  • Alejandro Gugliucci, MD, PhD, Associate Dean and Professor, TUCOM-CA

CARDIAC Boot Camp: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Childhood Obesity

  • Jill Cochran, PhD, RN-C, FNP, Assistant Professor, Clinical Science Department, WVSOM

AHEC Partners for Preparing Prevention-Savvy Practitioners

  • Janet A. Head, EdD, RN, AHEC Program Director, ATSU/KCOM
  • Elyse A. Perweiler, RN, MA, MPP, Associate Professor and Director, NJ Area Health Education Center, UMDNJ-SOM


An Accelerated DO/Family Medicine Residency Continuum: Planning and Development
  • Abraham M. Jeger, PhD, Associate Dean, Clinical Education, NYCOM/NYIT
  • Leonard B. Goldstein, DDS, PhD, Director, Clerkship Education, NYCOM/NYIT

The Rural Health Option: Increasing Interest in Rural Primary Care Using an Innovative Elective Curriculum

  • Denna L. Wheeler, PhD, Coordinator of Research and Evaluation, OSU-COM
  • Vicky Pace, MEd, Director, Rural Medical Education, OSU-COM

Showing Osteopathic Students Where the Rubber Meets the Road: A Practice-Based Elective Course in Clinical Trial Conduct

  • Patrick G. Clay, PharmD, Director of Clinical Research and Associate Professor of Pharmacology, KCUMB-COM
Your First Patient: An Interprofessional Wellbeing Initiative
  • Patricia S. Sexton, DHEd, Associate Professor of Family Medicine, Community and Preventive Health, ATSU-KCOM
  • Timothy D. Hodges, PhD, Research Director, Gallup Campus Wellbeing Consortium
Enhancing the Transition from Pre-Clinical to Clinical/Clerkship Education
  • Abraham M. Jeger, PhD, Associate Dean, Clinical Education, NYCOM/NYIT
  • Leonard B. Goldstein, DDS, PhD, Director, Clerkship Education, NYCOM/NYIT

BRIEF PRESENTATIONS - Focus: Teaching Health

Training Health Professions Students to Teach Healthy Behaviors
  • Emily Young, MA, OMS-III, NSU-COM
  • Janet Hamstra, EdD, MS, Medical Education Specialist/Assistant Professor, NSU-COM
Cancer Prevention in Primary Care: Teaching Resident Physicians to Utilize Prevention-Focused Motivational Interviewing
  • Scott Nyman, PhD, Associate Director, Behavioral Science, MSUCOM, Genesys Regional Medical Center
  • Marissa Rogers, DO, Faculty, Family Medicine Residency, MSUCOM, Genesys Regional Medical Center

Advancing Primary Care Training in Health Care for the Homeless

  • Kristi Messer, MPH, MSW, Assistant Professor / Executive Director, Project HOPE, NSU-COM
  • Elliot Sklar, PhD, MSc, Assistant Professor / Project Manager, Project HOPE, NSU-COM

NBOME Luncheon for All Attendees

Community Involved Primary Care - A Unique Opportunity for Teaching the USPSTF Guidelines

  • Elyse A. Perweiler, RN, MA, MPP, Associate Professor and Director, NJ Area Health Education Center, UMDNJ-SOM
  • John F. Bertagnolli, DO, Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, UMDNJ-SOM
How Did All the Holes Get into the Swiss Cheese? Teaching Safety in Our Schools Through IPE Methodology
  • Alissa P. Craft, DO, MBA, 2011 Scholar-in-Residence, AACOM

DUAL PRESENTATIONS - Focus: Simulation

Reality Simulation: Utility in Medical Education (20 min)

  • Gerald D. Friedman, DO, Assistant Professor, Simulation Coordinator, UNTHSC/TCOM

Begin with the End in Mind: Using Human- and Manikin-Based Simulations to Prepare Medical Students and Residents to Practice in a Patient-Safe Environment (40 min)

  • Tony Errichetti, PhD, Chief of Virtual Medicine, NYCOM
  • Bernadette Riley, DO, Coordinator of Simulation Medicine; Attending Physician, Long Beach (NY) Medical Center

Metabolic Effect of Fructose Consumption and Public Health Consequences

  • Jean-Marc Schwarz, PhD, Associate Professor of Basic Sciences, TUCOM-CA

Opportunities and Challenges in Case Development for Osteopathic Clinical Skills Evaluations

  • Jeanne M. Sandella, DO, Associate Director for Case Development and Training, National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners
  • Erik Langenau, DO, Vice-President for Clinical Skills Testing, National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners
  • Tony Errichetti, PhD, Chief of Virtual Medicine, NYCOM/NYIT
Preparing for Board Exams
  • Chelsea A. Nickolson, OMSII, LMU-DCOM; COSGP Medical Education Representative
  • Donald J. Sefcik, DO, MBA, Senior Associate Dean, MSUCOM
  • Lisa Travis, MS, EdS, Medical Librarian, LMU-DCOM

BRIEF PRESENTATIONS - Focus: Healthy Students

Innovative Orientation Programming that Builds Healthy, Engaged Medical Students
  • Andrew Axsom, MBA, Director, Student Development, UNTHSC/TCOM
  • Trisha Van Duser, EdD, Executive Director, Student Services, UNTHSC/TCOM

Finding Health: Do Healthy Students Encourage Healthy Patients?

  • Cathryn J. Rehmeyer, PhD, Associate Professor of Pathology, UP-KYCOM

The Medical Student as “First Patient”: An Innovative Learning Module to Promote Healthy Habits in Medical Students

  • Kathryn H. Thompson, PhD, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Biochemistry and Nutrition, UNECOM
  • Barbara Winterson, PhD, Professor, Department of Physiology, UNECOM
  • Peter B. Dane, DO, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, UNECOM
What Does Quality Mean to Osteopathic Medical Education?
  • Arnold H. Hassen, PhD, Professor and Director for Medical Informatics, WVSOM
  • James W. Nemitz, PhD, VP for Administration and External Relations, WVSOM

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