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General Oral Presentations

Alphabetical by Category:
Advocacy & Policy  |  GME  |  Humanism & Mentoring  |  Learner Affairs  |  Osteopathic Medical Education  |  Professional Development  |  Research Support & Technology


Advocacy and Policy

AACOM Advocacy and Legislative Update
Pamela Murphy, AACOM


Do Osteopathic Physicians Provide Greater Value? A Multi-level Analysis
Michael Jones, AZCOM/MWU
Mark R. Speicher, AACOM


ED to MED Town Hall
Stephen Shannon, AACOM
Darla Spence Coffey, Council on Social Work Education
Jennifer Smulson, American Psychological Association
Shawn Hamm, ACOM
Pamela Murphy, AACOM


HRSA Teaching Health Center GME Panel
Candice Chen, HRSA, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
John Sealey, Detroit Wayne County, Authority Health Center
Madeleine Pannell, Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions
Megan Perez, House Republican Conference, Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers
Pamela Murphy, AACOM


Graduate Medical Education

ABC's of GME Financing
David Connett, Western U/COMP


The CLER Site Visit & Pursuing Excellence Initiative (PEI)
Baretta R. Casey, ACGME
Robin C. Newton, ACGME


ACGME Milestones 2.0
Laura Edgar, ACGME


Becoming a Plastic Surgery ACGME Accredited Program
Silvio Podda, St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center
Heather Vande Ven, St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center
Regan John-Paul, St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center
Jen Stark, St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center


Best Practices on Transition to Single GME Accreditation System
Donna Lamb, ACGME
Eileen Anthony, ACGME
Felicia Davis, ACGME
Ingrid Philibert, ACGME


COCA Update
Brian Kim, COCA


Creative Approaches to Bringing Osteopathic Recognition to Your Residency Program
Richard J. LaBaere, ATSU-KCOM
Dominique Fons, University of Illinois, Peoria Family Medicine Residency Program
Paula Mackrides, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine
Mark Mentel, Family Medicine Residency of Western Montana
Nichole Mirocha, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine


Expanding Osteopathic GME by Collaborating with the VA
Edward Bope, Veterans Health Administration
Kathleen Klink, Veterans Health Administration 


GME Nuts & Bolts: Running Your GME Office
Rafael Barretto, St. John Macomb-Oakland Hospital


Integrating Curriculum to Incorporate Evidence-based Medicine into Clinical Education and Training
Suporn Sukpraprut-Braaten, KCU-COM
Debbie Waggoner, KCU-COM
Stacy Zimmerman, KCU-COM


Interprofessional Collaboration between Graduate Medical Education and Health Science Programs
Suporn Sukpraprut-Braaten, KCU-COM
Debbie Waggoner, KCU-COM
Stacy Zimmerman, KCU-COM


Introducing Allopathic Medical Students to Osteopathic Principles and Manipulative Techniques
Christopher Frothingham, UNECOM
Trent Reed, UNECOM
Kyle P. Wieschhaus, Loyola University Chicago, Stritch School of Medicine
Joseph Nye, Loyola University Chicago, Stritch School of Medicine
Jacqueline Greene, Loyola University Chicago, Stritch School of Medicine


Osteopathic Educational Frontiers: Turning Old Tales into New Stories
John Casey, Ohio Health Doctors Hospital
Vishnu V. Mudrakola, Ohio Health Doctors Hospital
Andrew Little, Ohio Health Doctors Hospital


Osteopathic Workforce Outcomes & Data: Growing Share of the Physician Workforce
Osteopathic GME Placements 2018

Thomas Levitan


Innovative Approach for Measuring Entrants and Exits
Clese Erikson


Planning for Osteopathic Medical Schools: A New Approach in Arkansas
Holly Proffitt, NYIT-COM Jonesboro


Residents as Teachers: Using Family Medicine Residents to Teach International Physicians

Meagan W. Vermeulen, RowanSOM
Robert Hudrick, RowanSOM


The NRMP Residency Match: What Are the Expectations of Osteopathic Medical Students?
Jessica Ledergerber, Western U/COMP
Scott Helf, Western U/COMP


Transition to Residency Part I: Updates from ERAS, and the NRMP & NMS Match Systems
Mona M. Signer, NRMP
James E. Swartwout, AOA
Beata M. Barci, AAMC


Transition to Residency Part II: Single GME Accreditation System & Changes to Match Process
Lorenzo Pence, ACGME
Stephen C. Shannon, AACOM
Karen Nichols, CCOM
Brian Kim, COCA
Beata M. Barci, AAMC


Transition to Residency Part III: Residency Placement Strategies for a Single Match
Karen Nichols, CCOM
Kollier Hinkle, UNTHSC
Breanne Jaqua, Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center
Melva Landrum, UNTHSC
Shawn M. Hamm, ACOM


VA Medical Care and an NMM/OMM Plus One Program: A Mutually Symbiotic Relationship
Joy Palmer, UNECOM


Humanism & Mentoring

A SMART, Goal-Oriented, Achievement-Focused Student Support Tool
Clinton L. Whitson, MU-COM
Sarah Zahl, MU-COM
Michael Koluch, MU-COM
Don Sefcik, MU-COM


Assessing Explicit Obesity Bias in Osteopathic Medical Students in Pre-Clinical Years
Megan Winters, TouroCOM-NY
Esquire Anthony, TouroCOM-NY
Sonu Sahni, TouroCOM-NY


Clinical Mentoring at the PCOM Philadelphia Campus: A Student Originated Program
Michael A. Becker, PCOM
Emily J. Eshleman, PCOM
Danielle C. Estrada, PCOM
Patrick Lannutti, PCOM


Coaching: A New Approach to Mentoring a New Generation
Elaine Soper, WVSOM


Collaboration in a Special Master’s Program Increases Diversity in an Osteopathic Medical College
Christina Goode, Graduate College of Biomedical Sciences, Western University
Gerald R. Thrush, Western U/COMP
Susan E. Mackintosh, Western U/COMP
Colleen Talbot, Western U/COMP-Northwest


COSGP Wellness Initiatives and Mental Health Resources
Wellness Committee, COSGP


Design Thinking: Redesigning Undergraduate Medical Education Transition Points
Jonathan Silk, UNTHSC/TCOM


Finding HOME: Humanism in Osteopathic Medicine
Tami Hendriksz, TUCOM-CA


Implicit Bias: Where It Comes From and What It Looks Like
Linda Grace Solis, UIWSOM


Integration of Resiliency into the Medical School Curriculum: Students’ Perspectives
Chaya Prasad, Western U/COMP
Robert Hasel, Western U/COMP


It Takes a Village: Staff and Student Wellness Collaboration
Clinton L. Whitson, MU-COM
Kaylee Hofmeister, MU-COM
Lindsay Renz, MU-COM


Faculty Advisor/Advisee Matching
Michelle Emmert Park, AACOM
Neil Patel, Western U/COMP
Scott Helf, Western U/COMP


Mentoring and Advising Osteopathic Medical Students in the First Two Years: Through Anatomy and Beyond
Naunihal T. Zaveri, LECOM Bradenton
Mark E. Coty, LECOM Bradenton
Frank Liuzzi, LECOM Bradenton


Navigating the Changing Current of Medical School
Elizabeth K. McClain, WCUCOM
Alissa Craft, AOA


One Year Follow-Up Assessment of the Touro California COM WARM Program
Hector Eduardo Velasco, TUCOM-CA
Hiroe Hu, TUCOM-CA
Mohammad Khorsand, TUCOM-CA
Rachit Anand, TUCOM-CA


Strategies to Address Student and Resident Wellness: Bridging the Standards of UME and GME
J. Aaron Allgood, ATSU-SOMA
Margaret Rea, UC Davis School of Medicine
Allison Knight, Eastern Virginia Medical School
Christine Morgan, ATSU-SOMA


The Healing Path: A Student Initiative to Address Mental Health
Samantha Gottlieb, NYIT-COM
Alexander Nello, NYIT-COM
Matthew Goldfinger, NYIT-COM


The Remediation of Professionalism and Interpersonal Communication Skills in Residents and Students
Jeffrey J. LeBoeuf, LMU-DCOM


Understanding the Late Generation Y & Emerging Generation Z: Are We Ready?


Using Theory Based Advising to Meet Medical Student Needs
Elizabeth K. McClain, WCUCOM
Makayla L. Merritt, WCUCOM


Learner Affairs

Above and Beyond the Standard: Comprehensive Student Insurance
Elizabeth Smith-Trigg, WCUCOM
James Turner, WCUCOM
DeDe Shows, WCUCOM
Peter Rupert, WCUCOM


Building Successful Collaborations through Statewide Medical Education Day Conference for Pre-Meds
Katherine Ruger, MSUCOM
Jill L. Harman, OU-HCOM


Communication Strategy with Applicants & Students: A Mobile Solution
Katherine Ruger, MSUCOM


Got Joy? An Osteopathic Approach to The Art of Happiness and Emotional Resilience for Physicians
Miko Rose, MSUCOM


Louder Together: Bridging Departmental Divides to Build a Unified Social Media Presence
Anne Ackroyd, ATSU-SOMA


Medical School Admissions: Does Selectivity Matter?
Gerald R. Thrush, Western U/COMP
Brent Pino, Western U/COMP
Fanglong Dong, Western U/COMP
Scott Helf, Western U/COMP


Mentoring Osteopathic Students for Success
Richard Terry, LECOM


Situation Judgment Tests and A Fresh Approach to Medical School Admissions
Leanne M. Chrisman-Khawam, OU-HCOM Cleveland
Samantha Baker, OU-HCOM Cleveland


The RAISE Program: A Summer Immersion for HS Students Promoting Osteopathic Understanding & Careers
Kathryn Lambert, RowanSOM
Matthew Tribble, RowanSOM
Paula Watkins, RowanSOM
Venkateswar Venkataraman, RowanSOM


Osteopathic Medical Education

An Orientation Standardized Patient Experience to Promote Critical Self-Reflection
Amber J. Heck, UIWSOM
Carol Browne, UIWSOM
Linda Grace Solis, UIWSOM


Incorporating Patient Centered Medical Home Concepts into the Osteopathic Curriculum
John Paulson, KCU-COM Joplin
Janis Coffin, KCU-COM Joplin
Megan McMurray, KCU-COM Joplin
Mianna Armstrong, KCU-COM Joplin
Seth Bires, KCU-COM Joplin


“Brilliant, Just Can’t Talk to Anyone”: Do Subtle Traits of ASD Hinder Physician-Patient Communication?
Stuart N. Damon, UNECOM


A Closer Look at Exam Performance
Abolfazl Ghasemi, ARCOM
Harvey Potts, ARCOM
Marti Echols, ARCOM


A Novel Method for Training Preceptors to Teach and Assess OMM
Karen T. Snider, ATSU-KCOM


Advancing Research Capacity in Medical School through COM-SOM Collaborations
Janice Schwartz, MSUCOM
Gary Willyerd, MSUCOM
Annette Carron, MSUCOM
Martha Faner, MSUCOM


An Integrated Curriculum: COAR (Clinical Skills, OMM, Anatomy, Radiology)
Stacey L. Pierce-Talsma, TUCOM-CA
Joel M. Talsma, TUCOM-CA
Nicole Pena, TUCOM-CA
Kim Pfotenhauer, TUCOM-CA
Greg Gayer, TUCOM-CA
Jennifer Weiss, TUCOM-CA


Assessing the Association Between TUCOM’s Curriculum and COMLEX L1Blueprint Performance
Hector Eduardo Velasco, TUCOM-CA


Assessment of Outcomes and EPAs in Medical Students Service Learning
Kathryn J. Dolan, UNTHSC/TCOM


Building a Consortium of Osteopathic Medical Schools in Appalachia
Melissa Frazier, UP-KYCOM
Donna Peissner, LMU-DCOM
Sebastian R. Diaz, OU-HCOM


CATALYST, the Continuous Assessment Platform For Physician Learning
Dorothy T. Horber, NBOME
Joseph Flamini, NBOME
Jeanne M. Sandella, NBOME


Challenges with Building and Promoting a New Blended-Learning Paradigm for Clinical Education
Erik Langenau, PCOM
Joseph Kaczmarczyk, PCOM


COCA Self-Study and Site Visit: Insights from Our Recent Experiences
Kirsten Waarala, MSUCOM


Collaboration Opportunities with Electronic Learning Platforms
Sean Tackett, Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center
Mark R. Speicher, AACOM
Grace L. Cisek, AZCOM/MWU
Christina Goode, Western U/COMP


Creating an End-of-OMSI-Year Comprehensive Exam to Advise and Support Students Entering the OMSII Year
Randal S. Batchelor, LMU-DCOM
Jonathon Leo, LMU-DCOM
Douglas E. Fitzovich, LMU-DCOM
Kali Weaver, LMU-DCOM


Demonstrating the Core Competencies of IPE through Collaborative Community-Based Service
Kristi D. Messer, NSU-COM
Stacey Pinnock, NSU-COM


Design Thinking: A Dynamic Tool for Innovative Interprofessional Education Instructional Design
David W. Farmer, UNTHSC/TCOM
Robin Bartoletti, UNTHSC/TCOM
Cynthia Carroll, UNTHSC/TCOM


Kendi Hensel, UNTHSC/TCOM
Tyler C. Cymet, AACOM


Enhanced Student Engagement and Achievement Using an Adaptive Intelligence
Chaya Prasad, Western U/COMP
Robert Hasel, Western U/COMP


Enhancing Student Mindset and Metacognitive Awareness Through a Hybrid Orientation Program
Amber J. Heck, UIWSOM
Kevin E. Kalinowski, UIWSOM
Sophia Pina, UIWSOM


Faculty Development to Prepare the Interprofessional team to teach Health Systems, the Third Science
Leanne M. Chrisman-Khawam, OU-HCOM


From Calamity to Competence: A Joint Interdisciplinary Interprofessional Hand Hygiene Teaching Model
George J. Scott, RowanSOM
Pamela Basehore, RowanSOM
Cindy Hou, RowanSOM


Honors Tracks in Global Medicine and Military Medicine at KCU-COM
Gautam J. Desai, KCU-COM
W. Joshua Cox, KCU-COM


Interprofessional Education Between DO and Nursing Students Using a Hospitalized Patient
Garren P. Gebhardt, MU-COM


Interprofessional Integration of an Ultrasound Curriculum: A Student Perspective
Tyler E. Loomer, DMU-COM
David J. Marshall, DMU-COM
Christopher J. Ruettinger, DMU-COM
Kevin Carnevale, DMU-COM


Keynote Address: Susan Dentzer
Susan Dentzer, Network for Excellence in Health Innovation


Medical Education Debt Disparities: A Comparison of MD and DO Students
Blythe Jonas, OU-HCOM


Novel Osteopathic Model as Tool for Teaching Homeostatic Balance and Functional Health
Robert Truax, OU-HCOM Cleveland
Leah Sheridan, OU-HCOM Dublin


Osteopathic Medical Education and the Opioid Crisis: What Can Medical Schools Do?
Bonnie Wilford, Coalition On Physician Education
Jenifer Van Deusen, UNECOM
Stephen A. Wyatt, Carolinas HealthCare System


Paying it Forward through Student Collaborations: A Team Approach to Course and Faculty Assessments
Mary Bolton, LMU-DCOM
Randal S. Batchelor, LMU-DCOM
Roy (Chris) Yonts, LMU-DCOM
Gina Zulandt, LMU-DCOM
Sherry Jimenez, LMU-DCOM


Population Health Think Tank: Building Collaborations to Improve the Health of the Community
Victoria Kaprielian, CUSOM
Christopher W. Stewart, CUSOM


Pre-Clinical Medical Simulation: Developing a Successful Curriculum
John T. Giannini, ACOM
Dianne B. Walker, ACOM
Daniel Fuchs, ACOM
Daniel Becak, ACOM
Dennis Baker, ACOM


Preparing for 2018-19 Changes to the COMLEX-USA and COMAT Examination Programs
John Gimpel, NBOME
Edward Tsai, NBOME
Joseph Flamini, NBOME


Professionalism: From Admissions to MSPE
Polly Leonard, UNECOM
Rodney Fullmer, MUCOM
Philip Reynolds, ACOM
Lynn Mark, AOGME
Emmanuel Katsaros, Western U/COMP


Public-Private Partnerships: Lessons Learned
George Mychaskiw, BCOM


Recent Progress through Interactive Blended Learning in Cardiovascular Medicine
Jason E. Kaplan, PCOM
Erik Langenau, PCOM


Selecting the Best Students: Research, Resources, and Reality for Future Practitioners
Kelly L. Dore, McMaster University


Self-Directed Learning as an Opportunity for Growth and Change in the Pre-clinical Curriculum
Jutta A. Guadagnoli, TUNCOM


Student Doctor Black Bag: An OMS-I Orientation Program to Establish Osteopathic Professional Identity
Marina D'Angelo, PCOM
Michael A. Becker, PCOM
Peter Bidey, PCOM
Harry J. Morris, PCOM
Alexander S. Nicholas, PCOM


Tele-delivered vs. In-Person Simulations for Evaluating Interprofessional Collaboration
David Dickter, Western U/COMP
Sorrel Stielstra, Western U/COMP
Susan E. Mackintosh, Western U/COMP
Sheree Aston, Western U/COMP


The COMs That Are Changing Medical Education
Tyler C. Cymet, AACOM
Isaac J. Kirstein, OU-HCOM Cleveland


The Other 45: Enhancing Chronic Disease Management
Alexis M. Stoner, VCOM-CC
Matthew Cannon, VCOM-CC


The Power of Collaboration in a Partisan Age
Humayun Chaudhry, The Federation of State Medical Boards of the United States, Inc.


Tissue: A Pre-matriculation Program Developed By Medical Students For Incoming Medical Students
Kathleen Ackert, PCOM
Stephanie Michalik, PCOM
Kristin Oller, PCOM
Brandon G. Twombly, PCOM
Mark M. Ujevich
Marina D'Angelo, PCOM


Training Faculty in a Distributed Model to Prepare OMS for the COMLEX Level 2 PE
Sharon Obadia, ATSU-SOMA
Lorree Ratto, ATSU-SOMA
Lisa McNeil, ATSU-SOMA


Training Medical Students in Utilization of Humanistic and Biomechanical Domain Competency
Ali Moradi, PCOM


Ultrasound Imaging Based Medical Education for First- and Second-Year Osteopathic Medical Students
Inder Raj S. Makin, ATSU-SOMA
Chandhana Pedapati, ATSU-SOMA
Kellie Huxel-Bliven, ATSU ASHS
Roya Vahdatinia, ATSU-SOMA
Jay Crutchfield, ATSU-SOMA
Deborah M. Heath, ATSU-SOMA


Where to Turn When the Political Climate Heats Up
Amy Walter, Cook Political Report


You Had Me at 3D: An Innovative, Low Budget Project by Medical Students and Their Preceptor
Chaya Prasad, Western U/COMP
Mohammad Khan, Western U/COMP
Melissa Russell, Western U/COMP
Victoria Lee, Western U/COMP
Dylan Denault, Western U/COMP


Professional Development

Are We Changing Again? Leading the Successful Development and/or Revision of Medical School Programs
Courtney West, Sam Houston State University
Lori Graham, Texas A&M University HSC School of Public Health


Beyond CVs and Personal Statements: Engaging Writing Centers to Promote Professional Development
Nicole Michels, RVUCOM
Brian D. Schwartz, RVUCOM
Alexis Horst, RVUCOM


Developing a Successful Medical Education Research Proposal
Wayne A. Wilson, DMU-COM
Leslie Wimsatt, DMU-COM


Developing Interprofessional Leadership in Evolving Models of Practice and Education
Janice A. Knebl, UNTHSC/TCOM
Jennifer Jurado Severance, UNTHSC/TCOM
Anita Chopra, RowanSOM
Elyse Perweiler, RowanSOM


Faculty Development in Case Writing, Objective Scoring and Incorporation of EBM into Case Based Learning
Millicent K. Channell, RowanSOM
Pam M. Basehore, RowanSOM
Adarsh K. Gupta, RowanSOM


Faculty Vitality in Osteopathic Medical Schools: A Pilot Study
Adrienne Z. Ables, VCOM-CC
Liang Shan, VCOM-VC
India Broyles, UNECOM


Ohio Osteopathic Symposium: Eight years of COM and State Association CME Collaboration
Jill L. Harman, OU-HCOM
Laura Whitt, OU-HCOM Dublin


Peer Reviewer Boot Camp 101 - Scholarly Activity in GME
Ingrid Philibert, Journal of Graduate Medical Education
Elizabeth K. McClain, WCUCOM
Rance McClain, WCUCOM


Planning for the Unspeakable: Approaches to Increase Successful Academic Advising Following Disasters
Elizabeth K. McClain, WCUCOM


Portfolios, Mentoring, and How MBTI Preferences Relate to Residency Specialty Choices
Patricia K. Krohmer, CCOM/MWU
Lisa Szymanski, CCOM/MWU
Tina Marino, CCOM/MWU
Emily Whitis, CCOM/MWU


Research Support & Technology

A Cost Analysis of Accreditation Reporting
Elizabeth Smith-Trigg, WCUCOM
Italo Subbarao, WCUCOM


Catching Predators: Identifying and Avoiding Predatory Publishers and Conferences
Darlene E. Berryman, OU-HCOM
Laura J. Rush, OhioHealth Research & Innovation Institute


Creating a Research Infrastructure with a Service-Oriented Mindset
Laura J. Rush, Ohio Health Research & Innovation Institute
Darlene E. Berryman, OU-HCOM


Limited Number of Faculty for Throughput? Use Tech to Your Advantage!
Brian Mann, CUSOM
Steven J. Halm, CUSOM


Results from the AACOM Academic Year Survey of Graduating Seniors
Sebastian R. Diaz, OU-HCOM
Erik Guercio, AACOM


Using Technology to Stay Up Close and Personal with Students at Distant Clerkship Sites
Lisa Streyffeler, DMU-COM
Rebecca D. Shaw, DMU-COM
Tyler Moore, DMU-COM
Matthew Drilling, DMU-COM
Leslie Wimsatt, DMU-COM




Pre-Conference Sessions

Training the Osteopathic Professions Core Educators (TOPCE) Workshop
Tyler Cymet, AACOM
Mark R. Speicher, AACOM
Robert W. Hostoffer, Jr., UHCMC
Evelyn Shwalenberg, UNECOM
Polly Leonard, UNECOM
Michael P. Rowane, LECOM
John Graneto, CHSU proposed COM
Brian P. Peppers, UHCMC


Student Advising & Strategies to Maximize Residency Match Success
Melva Landrum, UNTHSC/TCOM
Thomas Levitan, AACOM
Lauren Goodpaster, UNTHSC/TCOM
Rynn Ziller, UNTHSC/TCOM
James Renfro, UNTHSC/TCOM
Krisiti Hayworth, Medical City Weatherford IM Residency
Lisa Shelburne, LMU-DCOM


Osteopathic Recognition Workshop
Tiffany Moss, ACGME
David A. Connett, Western U/COMP
Robert Cain, OU-HCOM Dublin
Michael Rowane, LECOM
Natasha Bray, OSU-COM
Stacey Pierce-Talsma, Touro-CA
Margaret Wilkins, PCOM
Stephen C. Shannon, AACOM


Preparing for 2018-19 Changes to the COMLEX-USA & COMAT Examination Programs
John Gimpel, NBOME
Edward Tsai, NBOME
Joseph Flamini, NBOME




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