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General Topic Posters

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Award Recipients


Best Research Poster Winner

The Power Of Thanks: Relationships Among Gratitude And Other Measures Of Well-Being In Medical Students

Vivian Stevens, OSU-COM
Alicia Ford, OSU-COM
Sarah Hall, OSU-COM

Best Research Poster Finalists

Associations between Medical Student Research and Success in the Residency Match

Jeffrey Dickman, AZCOM/MWU
Mark R. Speicher, AACOM

COMSAE vs. COMLEX-USA Level 2-CE Performance: Diagnostic Differences and Student Response
Terrence W. Miller, TUNCOM
Kristina Lindquist, TUNCOM
Anne Poliquin, TUNCOM


Factors Impacting Performance on High Stakes Exams
Elizabeth K. McClain, WCUCOM
Rance L. McClain, WCUCOM

How Regular Academic Breaks and OMT Affect Levels of Sub-Clinical Depression, Stress, and Fatigue
Sarah Parrot, KCU-COM
Megan Collins, KCU-COM
Patricia Tu, KCU-COM



A Blended Learning Approach in a Pre-Matriculation Course for incoming Medical Students
Brandon G. Twombly, PCOM
Marina D'Angelo, PCOM
Kathleen E. Ackert, PCOM
Stephanie Michalik, PCOM

A Comparative Review of the Factors Which May Influence Residency Program Interviews and Ranking
Laurie Gallagher, NBOME
Jeanne M. Sandella, NBOME

A Comparison of Research Opportunities Offered to Medical Students at Osteopathic Medical Schools
Michael E. Bibens, OSU-COM
Matt Vassar, OSU-COM

A Novel Tele-tutoring Service for Second-Year Osteopathic Medical Students: A Pilot Study
Alesia Cloutier, LMU-DCOM
Justina Hyfantis, LMU-DCOM

Above and Beyond the Standard: Comprehensive Student Insurance
Elizabeth Smith-Trigg, WCUCOM
James Turner, WCUCOM
DeDe Shows, WCUCOM
Peter Rupert, WCUCOM

Asynchronous Competency-Based CORE Curriculum
Kerrie Jordan, KCU-COM
Amanda Walls, KCU-COM

Attitudes towards People Experiencing Homelessness among Students, Preceptors, and Faculty
J. Aaron Allgood, ATSU-SOMA
Susan Steffans, ATSU-SOMA
Kate E. Whelihan, ATSU-SOMA
Joy H. Lewis, ATSU-SOMA


Can Summative Exams be Formative?
Sheila Chelimo, OU-HCOM
Leah Sheridan, OU-HCOM

Changes in Critical Thinking in Osteopathic Medical Students
Randall Ricardi, AZCOM/MWU
D. Bradley Jackson, AZCOM/MWU
Mark R. Speicher, AACOM


Clinical Empathy Training in Early Medical Education: Specific Curriculum Tool to Measure Empathy
Oksana Karpov, AODME

Clinical Readiness “Bootcamp”: Impact on Student Confidence and Transition into The Clinical Years
Heather Christianson, Western U/COMP-Northwest
Morgan Ricci, Western U/COMP-Northwest

Collaborative Development of a Four-Year, Integrated, Longitudinal Ultrasound Curriculum at AZCOM
Charles Finch, AZCOM/MWU

Course Slope as a Predictor of Student Performance
Scott Sorge, AZCOM/MWU
Mark R. Speicher, AACOM


Creating a Primary Care Pipeline: A Collaborative Approach
Christine Morgan, ATSU-SOMA
Jeffrey Morgan, ATSU-SOMA


Cultivating The Next Generation of Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine
Kristi D. Messer, NSU-KPCOM
Phyllis J. Filker, NSU-KPCOM
Cyril Blavo, NSU-KPCOM
Stacey Pinnock, NSU-KPCOM


Design and Assessment of a Third-Year Pre-Clinical "Boot Camp"
Katherine Fisher, Western U/COMP-Northwest
Jo E. Paluzzi, Western U/COMP-Northwest

Development of a Child Advocacy Studies Training (CAST) Program at an Osteopathic Medical College
Melissa R. Stephens, WCUCOM
Carol A. Morreale, WCUCOM

Development of Educational Course Objectives for a Pre-matriculation Course: TISSUE
Mark M. Ujevich, PCOM
Brandon G. Twombly, PCOM
Kristin Oller, PCOM
Kathleen E. Ackert, PCOM
Stephanie Michalik, PCOM
Marina D'Angelo, PCOM
Michael McGuinness, PCOM

Development, Implementation, and Assessment of an Interprofessional Education Program
Scott D. Ochs, VCOM-CC
Christopher H. Martin, VCOM-CC
Adrienne Z. Ables, VCOM-CC


Do Osteopathic Physicians Provide Greater Value? A Multi-level Analysis
Michael Jones, AZCOM/MWU
Mark R. Speicher, AACOM


Effects on Comlex Level I and II CE of Integrating Board Prep Questions into Third-Year Core Curricula
Rance McClain, WCUCOM
Elizabeth K. McClain, WCUCOM

Émigré Physicians Program of NYITCOM: The Contribution to the U.S. Physicians’ Workforce
Sonia Rivera-Martinez, NYIT-COM
Alfred Aiyanyor, NYIT-COM
Andrea Liu Gerytch, NYIT-COM
Karen Sheflin, NYIT-COM

Empathy in Residency Years
Ann Impens, CCOM/MWU

Evaluation of Reciprocal Peer Teaching in the Gross Anatomy Lab
Jacob Baer, KCU-COM
Kyle Yuquimpo, KCU-COM
Sarah Keim, KCU-COM
Barth Wright, KCU-COM

Fourth-Year 101: Preparing Third-Year Medical Students for Audition Rotations and Beyond
Arthur Rubin, WVSOM

Impact of Research Experiences on Medical Student Success: Perceived and Actual Outcomes
Jacob Baer, KCU-COM
Kyle Yuquimpo, KCU-COM
Sean Lacy, KCU-COM
Catherine Mayer, KCU-COM
Quoc Vinh Tran, KCU-COM
Kyle Barner, KCU-COM
Kristin Wright, KCU-COM

Improving Student Performance with Formative Assessments in a Medical Pharmacology Course
Matthew Henry, DMU-COM

Investigation of Differential Item Functioning on COMLEX-USA Examination Series
Can Shao, NBOME
Yi Wang, NBOME
Silu Liu, NBOME
Tsung-Hsun Tsai, NBOME


Journey from Initial Accreditation to Continued Accreditation
Victoria Hanlon, Partners in Medical Education, Inc

Lessons Learned in Community-Based Osteopathic Didactic Education for Clinical Adjunct Faculty
Patricia Stubenberg, LMU-DCOM
LeAnn Jons-Cox, BCOM

Making Medicines: Teaching Drug Development
Elizabeth K. McClain, WCUCOM
Yolanda Johnson Moton, WCUCOM

MAMS: An IPE Rich Collaborative Bridge Program to Health Professional School
Mark A. Taylor, PNWU-COM

Medical Students at Risk: Application of Bootstrap Resampling
Abolfazl Ghasemi, ARCOM

Mixed Learner Research Teams: Effects on Research Knowledge, Skills, and Productivity
Lora Dianne Cotton, OSU-COM
Matt Vassar, OSU-COM

Osteopathic Integration Clinical Division: A Move in the Right Direction
Olivia T. Ojano Sheehan, OU-HCOM
Robert A. Cain, OU-HCOM Dublin
Stevan Walkowski, OU-HCOM Dublin
Becky L. Martin, OU-HCOM Dublin
Deborah J. Woods, OU-HCOM Dublin

Osteopathizing LGBTQI Health: Applying AAMC Competencies to Osteopathic Medical Education
Nathaniel Kralik, OU-HCOM Dublin
Leah Sheridan, OU-HCOM Dublin

Outcomes of the Émigré Physician Graduates of NYITCOM compared to International Medical Graduates
Karen Sheflin, NYIT-COM
Andrea LiuGerytch, NYIT-COM
Alfred Aiyanyor, NYIT-COM
Sonia Rivera-Martinez, NYIT-COM

Predicting Academic Difficulty in Pre-clinical Years
Abolfazl Ghasemi, OU-HCOM
Sheila Chelimo, OU-HCOM
Nicole Wadsworth, OU-HCOM


Priorities Reflected in U.S. Medical Education Accreditation Standards
Mary Wurm-Schaar, OU-HCOM
Theresa Lester, OU-HCOM
Wayne R. Carlsen, OU-HCOM
Nicole Wadsworth, OU-HCOM


Promoting Linguistic Competence in Osteopathic Medical Students Early on in Clinical Encounters
Gretchen Y. Lopez-Hernandez, KCU-COM
Anne M. VanGarsse, KCU-COM


Reading Rate and Comprehension as a Predictor of Student Success in Medical Education
Machelle Linsenmeyer, WVSOM


Results on Wellness Perception in Residency Programs after an Educational Intervention
Joanne Baker, AODME
Jayne Barr, WMU Homer Stryker MD School of Medicine
Emily Cordes, WMU Homer Stryker MD School of Medicine


Semi-quantitative Curriculum Mapping at Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine
Dan Atchley, UP-KYCOM
Dana Ziegler, UP-KYCOM
Danny Driskill, UP-KYCOM
Joe Kingery, UP-KYCOM
Dana Shaffer, UP-KYCOM
Cathryn Rehmeyer, UP-KYCOM
Laura Griffin, UP-KYCOM
Mechella Varney, UP-KYCOM
Steven Harris, UP-KYCOM


Success in Clinical Years: A Predictive Analysis
Kelly L. Block, AZCOM/MWU
Mark R. Speicher, AACOM


Supporting Primary Care Providers to Improve Quality of Care in Rural Southwest Virginia
Rachel Horn, VCOM-VC
Royce Kim, VCOM-VC
Susan L. Meacham, VCOM-VC

The Effect of Medical Student-Run Vision Screening Programs on Ophthalmic Education and
Recognition of Visual Impairment in Harlem, New York

Justin Chin, TouroCOM-NY
Jun H. Lin, TouroCOM-NY
Patrick J. O'Toole, TouroCOM-NY
Narcisse Amine, TouroCOM-NY
Grace E. Huang, TouroCOM-NY
Amanda L. Milam, TouroCOM-NY
Mahnoor Asghar, TouroCOM-NY
Sonu Sahni, TouroCOM-NY
Tipsuda Junsanto-Bahri, TouroCOM-NY

The NRMP Residency Match: What Are the Expectations of Osteopathic Medical Students?
Jessica Ledergerber, Western U/COMP
Scott Helf, Western U/COMP

The Validation of a High-Stake OSCE for Third-Year Osteopathic Medical School Students
Shiyuan Wang, RowanSOM
Pam M. Basehore, RowanSOM

Unified Theory of Construct Validity: Structural Aspect
Sheila Chelimo, OU-HCOM

U.S. Trends in Water-Related Infectious Disease Correlated to Climate Change
Kimberly J. Taylor, PNWU-COM
Mandy Kaur, PNWU-COM
Lana Dashkevych, PNWU-COM
Wiley Harkens, PNWU-COM
Shahrzad Dow, PNWU-COM


EPAs Discussions & Posters

Alphabetical by Title



Building Collaborative Faculty Development Teams: Successful Transition to UGME EPA Assessment
Research Paper  |  Biographical Sketches
Michael Hueber, LUCOM
Alisa S. Dyson, LUCOM
Cheryl Doane, UNECOM


Using the CORE Entrustable Professional Activities as a Roadmap: Developing a More Linear Medical Education Experience by Introducing EPAs Early in the Curriculum
Using Core EPAs as a Roadmap 2017Curriculum EPA Analysis (.xls)  |  Competencies & EPAs By Course
Brandon G. Isaacs, PNWU-COM
James Keene, PNWU-COM
Joseph DiMeo, PNWU-COM
Robert Sorrells, PNWU-COM
Kimberly J. Taylor, PNWU-COM
Erin Hepner, PNWU-COM


EPAs & Clinical Case Studies to Maximize Retention of Basic Science Content & Clinical Reasoning Skills
Mircea Anghelescu, PCOM
Bonnie Buxton, PCOM
Louise Jones, PCOM



A Model to Incorporate EPAs & Competencies into Clerkship Evaluations

Victoria Kaprielian, CUSOM
Jim Powers, CUSOM
David L. Tolentino, CUSOM
Zachary Vaskalis, CUSOM


Emerging Trends in the Development and Assessment of EPAs
Machelle Linsenmeyer, WVSOM
Leslie Wimsatt, DMU-COM


Reliability and Validity Testing of a Rubric to Assess Medical Student Proficiency for Informed Consent
Suzanne G. Wilson, MSUCOM
Elizabeth Petsche, MSUCOM
Kirsten Waarala, MSUCOM
Leana Danesh, MSUCOM


Exploring the Relationship between Preceptor Ratings and EPA Entrustment
Pam M. Basehore, RowanSOM
George J. Scott, RowanSOM
Shiyuan Wang, RowanSOM


Interprofessional Collaborative Practice and Shared Learning in First-Year Grand Rounds
Cheryl McCormick, RVUCOM
Lori Fitterling, KCU-COM


Mind Games: EPA Education through Medical Jeopardy
Peter Bidey, PCOM
Michael A. Becker, PCOM
Harry J. Morris, PCOM


Simulated PGY1 Night Call: Early exposure to EPA 10
Ben Schrant, ATSU-KCOM
Lisa Archer, ATSU-KCOM
Patricia Sexton, ATSU-KCOM


Student Engagement and Assessment in a Unique Clinical Setting: Outdoor Medicine Rotation
Erik Langenau, PCOM
Sarah Blazovic, PCOM
Ashley Cochran, PCOM
Sarah Corcoran, PCOM
Elisa Guisto, PCOM
Austin Sorchik, PCOM
Cameron Williams, PCOM


Student Perspective on EPA Components in Third-Year Clerkships
Machelle Linsenmeyer, WVSOM
George Boxwell, WVSOM


Using EPAs and Miller’s Pyramid to Create Pre-clinical Assessment Milestones and Curriculum Mapping
Maria Danzie, ACOM
Stephen Miller, ACOM
Philip Reynolds, ACOM
James D. Foster, ACOM
Emmanuel Segui, ACOM


What Students Say When Physicians Ask Them to Call a Patient and Discuss Test Results
Neal R. Chamberlain, ATSU-KCOM
Robert Baer, ATSU-KCOM
Matthew Hardee, ATSU-KCOM
Patricia Sexton, ATSU-KCOM


You Can Get There from Here: Planning Backwards from the EPAs
Jenifer Van Deusen, UNECOM
Barbara Winterson, UNECOM






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