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Single Graduate Medical Education Accreditation System Update

November 10, 2014

--from Oct 2014, Inside OME

AACOM remains deeply engaged in the transition efforts toward the development of a single graduate medical education accreditation system. Significant progress has been made over the past two months in line with the projected timeline for the transition. Some key highlights of updates over the past few months include:  

  • AACOM and AOA board nominees were appointed by the ACGME to its Board, effective January 1, 2015 and pending approval of bylaw changes by the ACGME member organization. See AACOM announcement here.
  • AOA nominees for the Osteopathic Principles Committee (OPC) were presented to the ACGME Board at the September meeting and all members were approved. The OPC is now operating as the Osteopathic Principles Working Group until bylaw changes are approved and will be recognized as a committee in January 2015. The OPC, currently working as the Osteopathic Principles Working Group is responsible for drafting requirements for osteopathically-recognized programs and pre-requisites for MDs seeking to enter osteopathically-recognized programs. See the list of the 13 DO members of the Osteopathic Principles Working Group here.
  • AACOM formed an Ad Hoc Committee on GME Transition earlier this year to develop a White Paper providing recommendations to the Osteopathic Principles Committee on the development of standards to recognize osteopathically-focused programs within the new accreditation system and to determine the pre-requisites for MD graduates seeking entry into osteopathically-focused programs. The 9 member Ad Hoc Committee completed a draft white paper with their recommendations, which was submitted to the OPC this month to help inform their work on developing these standards.
  • AOA submitted names for nominees to occupy the designated seats for DOs in the relevant review committees to the ACGME by the projected deadline of October 15.
  • ACGME launched its microsite dedicated to the single GME accreditation system in September. This site will be the primary source of information on the single GME system and will be continually improved and updated. To access the site, click here.

As we move forward in this effort, AACOM will provide regular, monthly updates on the progress of the transition to our constituents through Inside OME and other outlets. There will also be concerted efforts by the ACGME, AOA and AACOM to provide information about the application process, preparation and timeframe of the transition through various educational activities including presentations and discussions at key medical conferences. For regular updates stay tuned to the single GME accreditation system page on our website and on twitter by following@AACOMmunities.