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April 2015 Single GME Accreditation System Update

April 20, 2015

Osteopathic Recognition Application Now Available

The ACGME Osteopathic Principles Committee (OPC) finalized the application form to be used by programs seeking Osteopathic Recognition. The application form is now available on the OPC’s webpage, click here to download the application. Programs can begin to apply for Osteopathic Recognition on July 1, 2015.

Frequently Asked Questions Now Available

Both the OPC and the Osteopathic Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine Review Committee (ONMM RC) released “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQs) which provide further explanation on their respective program requirements. See OPC FAQs  and ONMM RC FAQs.

Additional developments in April include:

Proposed Focused Revision to ONMM Requirements                                  

The ONMM RC finalized focused revisions to its requirements that create a pathway for current AOA-accredited neuromusculoskeletal medicine “Plus One” programs to seek ACGME accreditation as ONMM residency programs, allowing advanced entry into the final year of the program. The ONMM RC also has focused revisions that require residents to regularly log cases through ACGME’s Case Log System.

The focused revisions were posted on April 16, 2015 for a 45 day comment period to allow the community of interest to respond to these revisions. Those wishing to comment should utilize the “Review and Comment” form found on ACGME’s webpage and submit the completed form via e-mail to onmm@acgme.org by June 3, 2015.  See the impact statement  and the ONMM program requirements.

Institutions in Pre-Accreditation Status

The application process for ACGME institutional sponsorship began on April 1, 2015. Institutions that submit a completed institutional application will receive “pre-accreditation status” and its AOA-accredited programs can begin the application process for Initial Accreditation with the ACGME. Programs can begin submitting their applications for ACGME Initial Accreditation on July 1, 2015. Institutions with pre-accreditation status will be identified on ACGME’s website. Those interested can now search for institutions by pre-accreditation status and by state. As of April 19, 2015, there are eight institutions in pre-accreditation status:

  • Samaritan Medical Center (NY)
  • Magnolia Regional Health Center (MS)
  • Botsford Hospital (MI)
  • Metro Health Hospital (MI)
  • McLaren Oakland (MI)
  • Lakeland Regional Health System(MI)
  • MSUCOM Statewide Campus System (MI)
  • Northside Hospital (FL)

ACGME Specialty-Specific Webinars

ACGME launched a series of webinars for osteopathic programs and institutions transitioning into the single accreditation system. The webinars are specialty-specific and feature Senior Vice Presidents for Accreditation, ACGME Executive Directors and Review Committee Chairs. The schedule for the remaining webinars, presentations and webinar recordings are available on the AOA’s website. These webinars will also be posted on the ACGME’s webinars web page within three weeks and will be available for three months. Registration is suggested for, but not restricted to, program directors in the specialty, designated institutional officials (DIOs) and others assisting in the application process.