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Announcement: Eligibility FAQs for ACGME Specialties with a Preliminary Year and AOA-approved Preliminary Year

October 26, 2015

Several ACGME Review Committees have determined that, during the transition to the single graduate medical education (GME) accreditation system, residency programs in specialties requiring a preliminary clinical year will be permitted flexibility in accepting residents who have completed this training in an AOA-approved program. During this transition, ACGME-accredited residency programs in these specialties can consider applicants from AOA-approved internship programs that are not yet pre-accredited or accredited by the ACGME and not jeopardize their accreditation status if they accept such applicants. The Review Committees permitting this flexibility have communicated this information through FAQs and/or other communications with program directors in the specialty. View a summary of the Eligibility FAQs for Specialties with a Preliminary Year .

For more information and educational resources, visit web pages dedicated to the transition by the ACGMEAACOM, and the AOA. For questions related to the single accreditation system or this update, email info@acgme.org, singlegme@aacom.org or singlegme@osteopathic.org.