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The Key to Single GME

October 26, 2016

Osteopathic recognition (OR) provides a roadmap to the future of osteopathic graduate medical education (OGME). It is key to GME program’s forward-thinking approach.osteopathic-recognition-thumb

While OR standards provide the framework for the integration of osteopathic principles and practice into the single accreditation system, successful single GME calls on the commitment among osteopathic program directors, hospitals, institutions, COMs, specialty colleges, and others. With this collaborative approach we can ensure that there is a clear pathway for DO students to continue their training along the OME track—the one they chose when they committed to osteopathic medical school.

Osteopathic Distinctiveness

Osteopathic recognition is necessary to ensuring osteopathic GME continues to thrive within the new single accreditation system, and is critical to maintaining the distinctiveness of DOs. Gain insight and get advice from this program’s success story.

“Osteopathic distinctiveness is taught, encouraged, and required in this program,” says Parkview Medical Center’s osteopathic internal medicine residency program director Teresa Braden, DO.

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