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July 2017 Single GME Accreditation System Update

July 27, 2017
Published by the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine July 27, 2017

SAS in Brief

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Student SAS Webinar Recording Available

AACOM Informational Webinar on the Single GME Accreditation System.
Comment bubble artOn Monday, June 26, 2017, AACOM hosted a webinar on the single graduate medical education accreditation system featuring Stephen C. Shannon, DO, MPH, President and CEO of AACOM; Boyd Buser, DO, then AOA President, Vice President for Health Affairs and Dean of UP-KYCOM; Lorenzo Pence, DO, ACGME, Senior Vice President of Osteopathic Accreditation. The webinar covered updates on the transition and information for students, faculty advisors, and others interested in learning more about the transition. View the webinar.


Key Updates

AOA Annual Business Meeting

The AOA Annual Business Meeting was held July 17-23, 2017 in Chicago and featured presentations on the single GME accreditation system by Boyd Buser, DO, Immediate Past President, AOA, Thomas Nasca, MD, CEO, ACGME and Karen Nichols, DO, Dean at the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine (CCOM) at Midwestern University. Dr. Buser reported on the status of the transition as required by Resolution H-800. Both presentations will be available online on the AOA website soon. The data points reported (as of July 14, 2017) include:

  • 56% of 1,244 AOA-approved programs are now ACGME-accredited (416) or pre-accredited (277)
    • 71% of 862 residencies are either ACGME-accredited or pre-accredited
    • 20% of 261 fellowships are either ACGME-accredited or pre-accredited
    • 21% of 121 internships are either ACGME-accredited or pre-accredited.

Updated AOA-ABMS Board Certification Chart

The American Board of Medical Specialists (ABMS) updated its specialty board certification eligibility requirements in July 2017. These eligibility requirements apply for those interested in pursuing ABMS board certification during the transition to the single GME accreditation system. The AOA developed a chart that incorporates both ABMS and AOA board certification eligibility requirements by specialty to better assist students and residents in their career decision-making process. The AOA chart was updated July 20, 2017.  View the updated chart on Board Certification during the transition to the Single GME Accreditation System.

AOA Announces Incentive for ACGME Program Applications

This month, the AOA announced a new incentive to encourage programs to submit their ACGME program applications in July by offering free registration to OMED 2017, scheduled for October 7-10, 2017 in Philadelphia. Program applications received by July 31, 2017 will receive this benefit. In addition, programs are encouraged to submit their applications as soon as possible as ACGME will consider additional review committee meetings if large numbers of applications are received.

Transitional Year Review Committee Focused Requirement Revisions

The Transitional Year Review Committee recently posted revisions to clarify requirements for number of programs that a sponsoring institution and its participating sites must sponsor. This requirement was part of focused revisions in 2015, the intent of the review committee at the time was that there be two residency programs at the sponsoring institution, including the transitional year program. Due to additional questions, the review committee’s new focused revision seeks to provide clarifications. View the focused revision in the impact statement. Comments on the Transitional Year focused revisions are due by August 23, 2017. In addition, view specialty revisions in the ACGME Review and Comment web page. 

Applications Update  

Timeline from 2014 beginning to a single GME system in 2020

This month, the transition to the single accreditation system continues into month 25. On July 1, 2017, the transition begins its third year in the five-year window for program applications under the single accreditation system which ends June 30, 2020.

Status of Applications to the ACGME

Table 1 provides a brief snapshot of the status of ACGME applications as of July 26, 2017.

Table 1. Status of SAS Applications as of July 27, 2017
  Institutional Sponsors Program Osteopathic Recognition
Total Applications 102 482 118*
Total Initial Accreditation/Recognition 79 217 79
Total Initial Accreditation Contingent
N/A 0 N/A
* Does not include programs that applied and did not receive initial recognition.


Especially for Students

2018 Residency Match Resources

In preparation for the 2018 AOA NMS Match, the AOA’s Opportunities website, now displays information on the ACGME status and ability of programs to participate in the 2018 match.

The AOA Basic Standards for Postdoctoral Training Standard X outlines deadlines for programs to apply in order to participate in the 2018 AOA National Matching Service. These programs in both core residencies and fellowships as outlined in Standard X must apply to the ACGME by January 1, 2018, or earlier, to participate in the 2018 NMS Match. The three-year core specialties with upcoming deadlines include: dermatology, family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, NMM/OMM (including preliminary year), and proctological surgery.

In addition, view the AOA Match website with comprehensive information on the NMS Match.


AODME Webinar Spotlight

The Association of Osteopathic Directors and Medical Educators (AODME) will host a webinar on the ACGME Accreditation Site Visit on Wednesday, August 23, 2017. Webinar presenter, Ingrid Philibert, PhD, MBA, Senior Vice President, Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) will offer current and practical information on the ACGME site visit process during the transition. Register for the webinar.

The DO-Single GME: How to Expedite the ACGME Application Process

In an article published on July 18, 2017, The DO spotlights the AOA’s Single Accreditation System Application Assistance Program by highlighting a program that received assistance and was able to subsequently achieve initial accreditation. The AOA’s assistance program is designed to provide support to programs and institutions during the transition to the SAS and all are encouraged to contact the AOA for information, resources, and hands-on assistance with their program, institution, or osteopathic recognition application. Learn more about the AOA’s Single Accreditation System Application Assistance Program. Contact singleGME@osteopathic.org or call (312) 202-8272 for more information. 

Follow #singleGME on twitter for up-to-the-minute news on the transition. See AACOM's Single GME Accreditation System for more SAS information and resources.