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AACOM and AODME: A Decade of Collaboration

August 22, 2017

Stephen C. Shannon,DO, MPH

By Stephen C. Shannon, DO, MPH
AACOM President and CEO


ast week, AACOM and the Association of Osteopathic Directors and Medical Educators (AODME) launched the Call for Presentations for Educating Leaders 2018, the Joint AACOM & AODME Annual Conference. With the Call now live, both associations have begun the exciting and intricate process of constructing and preparing for this year’s highly-anticipated event. In fact, we have already received a number of thought-provoking presentation proposals focused on this year’s theme, Building Successful Collaborations.

While collaboration is a constant undercurrent throughout our work to train physicians of the highest quality, I believe the theme Building Successful Collaborations is exceptionally appropriate for our 2018 conference, as it marks the 10-year anniversary of AACOM and AODME’s foundational joint meeting in St. Louis, MO in 2008. At this first joint meeting, AODME leadership, led by then AODME President Humayun J. Chaudhry, DO, and AACOM began a cooperative partnership that has resulted in countless productive discussions and invaluable work toward solutions to some of our profession’s most pressing challenges.

With the U.S. health care system still in a state of change and uncertainty, there has never been a more compelling need for members of both AACOM and AODME to meet, build partnerships, and exchange ideas to carry on the dialogue that we have built and grown over the past decade of meetings:


Innovation: Spanning the Osteopathic Medical Education Continuum

Meeting Future Health Care Needs: The Role of Interprofessional Education

Foundations for the Future

The Osteopathic Medical Education Continuum: Exploring Opportunities & Achieving New Milestones

Educating Leaders 2017:
Integrated Health Systems, A Paradigm for the Future

Educating Leaders 2018: 
Building Successful Collaborations

Since 2008, these meetings have served as a linchpin for advancement and support of the osteopathic learning environment throughout the medical education continuum. Now in the planning stages of our seventh joint event, AACOM and AODME will continue our combined efforts to shape and effect progress across the medical education and training landscape. Certainly, our collective efforts will be needed to best position ourselves as agents of positive change as we navigate the ongoing transformation of health care in the United States.

AACOM is working towards developing an even closer relationship with AODME as we continue to advance our mission—improving the health of the American public—and carry forward the pioneering principals, qualities, and philosophies distinct to osteopathic medicine and the osteopathic medical education clinical learning environment.