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Interviews for Admission into the 2021 Entering Class

July 08, 2020

AACOM encourages all COMs to provide applicants with a virtual interview, in place of the in-person interview, throughout the entire 2020-2021 application cycle. We encourage that on campus visits happen asynchronously from the interview process when your local authorities and campuses permit and are ready to allow them.

We believe that encouraging offering only virtual interviews for the entire cycle benefits applicants and COMs by: 

  1. Ensuring safety by reducing unnecessary travel, contact and exposure of applicants to new communities, and will help to protect the health of applicants, faculty, staff members, and community members during the pandemic.
  2. Lowering interview costs for prospective students during this financially difficult time.
  3. Potentially increasing the number of interviews in which applicants can participate.
  4. Maintaining a consistent interview format within your COM in order to ensure that virtual interviewees are not at a disadvantage to those who interview in person.

We understand that in-person visits and interview days have been used as a part of the decision process by COMs to gauge the enthusiasm of an applicant for the COM. AACOM encourages schools to provide both virtual and in-person opportunities for applicants to show their commitment to and enthusiasm for attending your COM, and suggest that you consider some or all of the following activities when safe and appropriate:

  • A virtual tour or in person tour
  • Virtual information sessions with peer to peer interactions
  • In person, if available without travel, or virtual sit down with current students or alumni
  • A second look day, virtual and/or in person
  • Multiple, ongoing, accepted student days to allow for accepted student/current student interactions either virtually or in person