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AACOM Statement Denouncing Violence and Discrimination

March 25, 2021


(Bethesda, MD) – Recent deadly shootings in Atlanta and Boulder have once again brought to light the fear and anguish faced by communities experiencing misplaced hatred and the all too fragile state of our sense of public safety. They are painful reminders that the intentional misuse of firearms threatens public health and acts of violence and discrimination, alongside COVID-19, continue to threaten our society.

The American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine condemns all racist, violent, and hateful actions and extends our sympathy and support to the victims and their families. Tragedies like these have become all too common for our nation. We must finally use these moments to truly hear the voices of the marginalized and oppressed that we might create a better world for all people.


Joseph Shapiro
Director of Media Relations
(240) 938-0746