AACOM and Member Colleges Join Forces to Support Veteran and Military Medicine


November 11, 2015


Paul DeMiglio
Senior Media Specialist

Taking Initiative to Promote Veteran and Military Health Awareness in Osteopathic Medical Education (OME)

(Washington, D.C.) As a proud partner in the White House-sponsored Joining Forces Initiative (JFI), AACOM continues to support the national effort to train students, medical educators, and physicians to ensure quality care and to meet the unique clinical needs of our nation's military service members and veterans, and their families. 

Expanding upon its initial commitment to this important cause, AACOM is also participating in Joining Forces Wellness Week (JFWW) 2015, November 9-13, and promoting resources such as the Center for Deployment Psychology's series of webinars focused on a variety of military health issues. 


Call to COMs: Pledge to Participate

All of AACOM's member colleges of osteopathic medicine (COMs) have pledged their support to the JFI. Now, AACOM encourages the COMs to take part in our Joining Forces curricular initiative by hosting a special curricular event for students focused on clinical and cultural competencies specific to military medicine. 

By pledging to participate in AACOM's curricular initiative, each COM will commit to hosting a two-hour military medicine educational activity for DO students during JFWW. COMs are welcome to use the educational resources AACOM has created and compiled and/or their own curricular modules. 

joining_forces-govBe sure to inform AACOM of your pledge by submitting your school's Veterans Day curricular activities using this form. Your COM will be added to our list of proud participants who are committed to advancing the training of our
nation’s future physicians in order to meet the health care needs of U.S military service members, veterans, and their families.

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