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Interprofessional Professionalism Assessment Tool Profiled in New Journal

Paul DeMiglio


Evidence-Based Interprofessional Professionalism Assessment Tool Profiled in New Journal Article

(Bethesda, MD)—The Interprofessional Professionalism Collaborative (IPC) has recently announced the publication of its landmark article, “The Intersection of Professionalism and Interprofessional Care: Development and Initial Testing of the Interprofessional Professionalism Assessment (IPA).” The article is now available on Taylor & Francis Online and will be assigned to a future issue of the Journal of Interprofessional Care.

“The ability of health care practitioners to demonstrate interprofessional professionalism is essential to the delivery of quality care to patients, families, communities, and society,” said Dr. Jody Frost, Education Consultant and IPC Facilitator. “As profiled in the Journal of Interprofessional Care, the new psychometrically sound assessment instrument developed by IPC can be applied in both academic and practice settings to cultivate environments that promote interprofessional professionalism and collaborative care models.”

"The future of medicine is one that fully embraces interprofessional professionalism," AACOM President and CEO Stephen C. Shannon, DO, MPH, said. "AACOM is proud to be one of the collaborators behind this cutting-edge assessment instrument and accompanying tool kit. These resources will enhance collaborative care delivery across the health professions spectrum and ultimately help improve the health of the nation."

In addition to the new journal article, the IPC has also created an online tool kit that includes the IPA Instrument, case scenario videos, an on-demand webinar, and related materials. To access these resources, visit interprofessionalprofessionalism.org.


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