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Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine
102 Grosvenor Hall
1 Ohio University
Athens, OH 45701

Main phone: (800) 345-1560

Admissions office
Phone: (800) 345-1560
Fax: (740) 593-2256
Admissions Website

General Information

Mission Statement

The Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine (OU-HCOM) educates physicians committed to practice in Ohio, emphasizes primary care, engages in focused research, and embraces both Appalachian and urban communities. Integral to this mission, the OU-HCOM community commits itself to: providing a clinically integrated, learning-centered, osteopathic medical education continuum for students, interns, residents, and fellows; embracing diversity and public service; and improving the health and well-being of underserved populations.

COM Description

The Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine is a nationally recognized leader in the education of osteopathic primary care physicians. OU-HCOM was created in 1975 to help alleviate the state's growing shortage of family physicians and to train doctors for chronically underserved areas. OU-HCOM meets this mandate through the use of progressive curricula and the college's comprehensive clinical campus system throughout Ohio.

Campus setting: 
Athens, Ohio, Rural; Dublin, Ohio, Suburban; Cleveland, Ohio, Urban

Year founded: 1975

Type: Public, non-profit

The Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine is accredited by the Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation (COCA) and by the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Institutional affiliation: 
Ohio University

OU-HCOM provides wireless campuses with streaming video and digitally recorded versions of lectures. 

OhioLINK, a statewide library consortium, offers access to more than 44.8 million volumes and over 100 research data bases.

OhioHealth Physician Group Heritage College clinic, 17 affiliated teaching hospitals and hundreds of adjunct faculty and preceptors statewide afford comprehensive training opportunities.

The Dublin site is easily accessible via interstate and is located 14 miles from downtown Columbus. This campus encompasses 65,000 square feet across three buildings.

The Cleveland site is easily accessible via interstate and is located just minutes from downtown Cleveland. This campus encompasses 60,000 square feet and is located adjacent to South Pointe Hospital in Warrensville Heights, Ohio.

Student residence options: 
Housing opportunities are available in close proximity to each campus location. Accepted students can find information on housing and roommates on the private Facebook class group page.

2017-2018 Enrollment

  • Total medical school enrollment: 909
  • Total male*: 493
  • Total female*: 415
  • First-year enrollment: 249
  • First-year male: 135
  • First-year female: 114
  • First-year in-state: 230
  • First-year out-of-state:19
  • Total enrollment affiliate institutions: 24,000
*One student did not declare a gender

Curricular Offerings

The Pathways to Health & Wellness Curriculum (PHWC) is designed to ensure that our education programs keep pace with the complexities in health care delivery and that our graduates are fully prepared to lead and succeed in rapidly changing health care systems. The PHWC is an innovative, transformed curriculum, built on evidenced-based learning science that puts health and wellness at the forefront. This curriculum is designed to train OU-HCOM graduates to be adaptable, team-based generalists who are osteopathic-centric, evidence-based, compassionate, rooted in the community, and working from a firm base of personal well-being.   Key elements of the PHWC include protected time for wellness events, small group coaching, integrated active learning labs, and clinical and community experiences.

Dual Degree / Concurrent Programs

DO/MBA The DO/MBA program combines the study of medicine with training in managerial, financial and technical expertise that can be applied to healthcare. In addition to enhancing the leadership characteristics of physicians, this training path can be applied in other areas including hospital administration, healthcare policy and related fields such as biotechnology.

The DO/MPH results in well-trained physicians with additional skills and knowledge in public health policies and procedures, enabling them to provide service to individuals within the context of population health. The DO/MPH program is designed for completion in five years.

The DO/MS in Biomedical Engineering program integrates medicine and technology. Biomedical engineering is a rapidly growing field that prepares students with the technological tools and understanding to specialize in the areas of Biomechanics, Cellular/Biomolecular Engineering and Biomedical Information Processing.

The DO/PhD combines training in medicine and research for students interested in becoming physician-scientists. Demand for physicians with this dual training is high and can lead to careers as faculty members at medical schools, universities and research institutes. Students select mentors to engage in research in a variety of health-related areas of study, with particular emphasis on translational research.

Preparatory Programs

Candidates must have been interviewed and unsuccessful in gaining admission. Admission to the PB program is by invitation only. Program Details: An academic year that includes upper level and graduate level biological sciences along with other coursework relevant to the practice of medicine.

Summer Scholars
Summer Scholars Program is a five-week program that provides an experience that replicates the first year of medical school. An outstanding opportunity to learn from OU-HCOM faculty and students, with the potential for a guaranteed interview for admission to the medical school.

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship
SURF is a seven-week program that is research specific. An outstanding opportunity to work with OU-HCOM biomedical science faculty, with the potential for a guaranteed interview for admission to the medical school.

Special Programs

Early Assurance Program
OU-HCOM selects a number of outstanding Ohio high school seniors to participate in the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine Early Assurance Program (EAP). In as few as seven years, students can earn their undergraduate degree from one of its EAP partner schools and their Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree from the Heritage College. The Heritage College has EAP partnerships with Ohio University, Ohio Dominican University, Baldwin-Wallace University, Otterbein University and John Carroll University. These partnerships, coupled with the opening of the Heritage College campuses in Dublin and Cleveland, are designed to increase the pipeline of primary care physicians throughout Ohio.

Application Information

  • Primary application service: AACOMAS
  • Earliest application submission date: Opening Date of AACOMAS (5/3/2018)
  • Primary application deadline: 2/1/2019
  • Supplemental application deadline: 3/15/2019
  • Submission timing for best consideration:
    OU-HCOM is on rolling admissions, and early application is suggested for best consideration in the admission process.  

Admissions Process

OU-HCOM only considers those with completed application files for a potential interview. Applicants are responsible for monitoring the status of their application. Candidates are notified of their pre-selected interview date via email by the office of admissions. Interviews are scheduled on Fridays from early September until late April. Admission decisions are made the same day as the interview. Candidates will be notified of the committee decision on the next business day.

First-year class matriculant's selection factors: 
Applicants to OU-HCOM must be U.S. citizens or hold a permanent visa. We welcome candidates from out-of-state and from any major, with the understanding that all prerequisites must be complete prior to matriculation. Most candidates have their bachelor's degree, with many having advanced degrees.

Candidates with three years of outstanding academic work and related experiences may also be considered. In addition to strong academics, applicants should have numerous experiences that reflect maturity, service, clinical experience and exposure, and a commitment to personal and professional growth. Attributes integral to a successful candidate include strong moral character, professional behavior and a commitment to integrity and compassionate care. Early submission of the AACOMAS application and all supporting secondary documents is strongly encouraged and is beneficial in the rolling admissions process. OU-HCOM does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, national origin, ethnicity, sex, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, or military veteran status in its employment practices or in the provision of educational programs and services.

International students (non-U.S. citizens or temporary residents) considered: No


  • Oldest MCAT considered: January 2016
  • Accept September 2018 MCAT scores: Yes
  • Accept January 2019 MCAT scores: Yes

Accepted Sources for Letters of Recommendation

  • Virtual Evals
  • Interfolio
  • Paper
  • Email

Interview Format

Three one-on-one 30 minute interviews with members of the Student Selection Advisory Committee. All interviews are conducted at the Athens campus.

Supplemental Application

  • Supplemental application required? Yes
  • Earliest supplemental application submission date: 6/16/2018
  • Supplemental application deadline: 3/15/2019
  • Supplemental application requirements:
    Minimum two letters of recommendation from natural science faculty who have taught the student, i.e., biology, chemistry, physics faculty or a pre-med committee letter. At least one essay is required on the supplemental application. Additional essays are required for those with a Dublin or Cleveland campus preference.
  • Fee waiver available: Yes
  • Waiver conditions: 
    AACOMAS waiver
  • Supplemental application sent to the following prospective students:
    All Ohio residents receive a supplemental application. Non-Ohio residents receive a supplemental application pending screening of the natural science GPA and MCAT
  • Supplemental application fee: $60, non-refundable

Premedical Coursework

Science Courses


  • Biology/Zoology, 8 semester hours with lab
  • Organic Chemistry, 8 semester hours with lab
  • Inorganic Chemistry, 8 semester hours with lab
  • Physics, 8 semester hours with lab


  • Biochemistry, 3 semester hours with lab
  • Genetics, 3 semester hours
  • Anatomy, 3 semester hours with lab
  • Physiology, 3 semester hours with lab
  • Histology, 3 semester hours with lab
  • Pharmacology, 3 semester hours
  • Immunology, 3 semester hours
  • Virology, 3 semester hours

Non-Science Courses


  • College English
  • Behavioral Sciences

None recommended


Applicants will be requested to submit necessary matriculation documents, including a deposit, according to the following AACOMAS traffic guideline schedule:
  • Those accepted prior to November 15 will have until December 14
  • Those accepted between November 15 and January 14 will have 30 days
  • Those accepted between January 15 and May 14 will have 14 days
  • Those accepted after May 15 may be asked for an immediate deposit
  • Earliest acceptance date: 6/22/2018
  • Latest acceptance date: 4/27/2019
  • Deferred entrance requests considered: Yes
    Requests must be received in writing and approvals are at the discretion of the student selection advisory committee.
  • Orientation / start date for first-year students: 8/15/2019

Early Decision Program

  • Early Decision Program (EDP) offered: No     

First-Year Class Matriculants

Self-Reported Race/Ethnicity 

Matriculants from the 2016-2017 application cycle.

  • American Indian or Alaska Native: 1%
  • Asian: 9%
  • Black or African-American: 9%
  • Hispanic/Latino: 2%
  • Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander: 0%
  • White: 79%
  • Multiple Races: 0%
  • Undisclosed: 3%  

Majors of First-Year Class Matriculants

  • Science majors: 84%
  • Non-Science majors: 6%
  • Graduate degree(s): 10%

Financial Information

Tuition and Fees

  • 2017-18 annual resident tuition: $36,748
  • 2017-18 annual non-resident tuition: $51,416
  • 2017-18 annual resident fees: $2,444
  • 2017-18 annual non-resident fees: $2,444
  • 2017-18 annual health insurance fee: $2,221
  • Fees include:
    • Lab
    • Computer
    • Student Activities
    • Technology (not computer)
    • Microscope Rental
  • Estimated annual room, board, books and living costs: $30,706
  • Average 2017 graduate indebtedness: $214,228


  • Amount of deposit to hold place in class: $100, non-refundable
  • Additional deposit amount: $500
  • Deposit applied to tuition: Yes

Financial Aid

  • Financial Aid Website
  • Enrolled students with federal financial aid: 89%
  • Scholarships: Yes
  • Average scholarship/grant: $2,030