The online AACOM Job Connection is a centralized, feature-rich service that allows employers to post job positions at discount rates. It is also a key site for job seekers to post their resumes free of charge, and to browse and apply for job opportunities in osteopathic medicine. Currently, the AACOM Job Connection offers 30- and 60-day discount rates for posting single, three and five job openings. The service is available to AACOM members and non-members.

The AACOM Job Connection search engine includes a quick, robust and intuitive job search function and…

  • All the current job search features are condensed to a single page.
  • Auto complete keywords are enabled to ease the job search process.
  • Proximity search by zip code allows for a more localized search.
  • Updated layout for job listings displays additional information, improving career center functionality.
  • Updated look and feel of "Featured Job" draws additional candidates into the career center.
  • Updated and randomized location of "Featured Employer" provides employers with an additional return on investment.

Enhancement for Job Seekers – New Professional Profile! This enhanced self-management profile is designed to:

  • Allow job seekers to more clearly outline their career victories, experiences and accomplishments.
  • Streamline the way that job seekers keep track of professional achievements and experiences.
  • Allow institutions to quickly determine which candidate is the right fit for a particular position.
  • Play a crucial role in effectively matching institutions with the right candidates.
  • Allow for increased engagement with employers and recruiters.

Take Advantage of the Featured Employer Option! Institutions have the opportunity to become featured employers on AACOM’s Job Connection site. By purchasing a basic profile or a premium profile, you’ll provide advertising exposure to job seekers about your institution, even if you don’t have an active job posting.

Added Value! AACOM is a member of the National Healthcare Career Network (NHCN), a growing network of more than 300 prestigious healthcare professional associations and societies, which increases the visibility of your job postings and posted resumes. AACOM’s alliance with NHCN allows your job openings to be posted on many more relevant sites and increases your reach to almost 131,115 resumes of experienced healthcare professionals, giving you a one-stop shop to find targeted, high-quality candidates.

The following features and NHCN pricing options are available!

  • Employers have the choice of posting to the AACOM Job Connection only, or posting to the NHCN.
  • Pricing for posting to the NHCN ranges from $250 to $550, based on the disciplines that an employer selects, with discounts based on the amount spent rather than the number of jobs in the package. Pricing for posting only to AACOM’s Job Connection remains unchanged.
  • Employers posting to the NHCN may extend and/or customize posting durations instead of selecting from pre-set durations.
  • The NHCN site allows users to see the job board on which their listing may appear before purchasing a package, providing them with a better understanding of where the job opening will be posted.

To learn more about the AACOM Job Connection and to post positions and/or resumes, visit the AACOM Job Connection.

Click here to learn more about how the NHCN advances your job postings and resume searches when choosing this option on the AACOM Job Connection:

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