Meeting Recaps

Council of Osteopathic Medical Admissions Officers (COMAO)

The Council of Osteopathic Medical Admissions Officers (COMAO) met on Friday, March 30, under the leadership of Chair Steve Davis of TUCOM-CA. The meeting included a briefing on changes in federal financial aid rules, an overview of the new AAMC competencies initiative and its impact on the MCAT, discussion regarding letters of reference, discussion of several issues related to non-U.S. citizen applicants including foreign transcripts (which also applies to some U.S. students), Canadian applicants, efforts to manage overlapping acceptances and deposits, virtual admissions fairs and recruitment planning.  Bea Jones of VCOM presented the findings of a survey that VCOM conducted on AACOM’s recruiting activities, and these findings will be incorporated into future planning.  Newly installed COMAO leaders include Chair Paula Watkins, UMDNJ-SOM, Chair-Elect John Schriner, PhD, OU-HCOM, Secretary Janette Martin, LMU-DCOM, and Past-Chair Steve Davis, TUCOM-CA.  David Kaiser of Brigham Young University is the NAAHP’s liaison to COMAO.

Council of Osteopathic Medical Student Services Officers (COMSSO)

The Council of Osteopathic Medical Student Services Officers (COMSSO) met on Thursday, March 29, under the leadership of Chair William King, MBA, of VCOM.  Council Chair-Elect Kathryn Lambert, DO, of UMDNJ-SOM; Past-Chair Patricia Kelley, MEd, of UNECOM; Secretary Tina Woodruff, EdD, of PCOM; and COSGP liaison Linda Darroch-Short, MS, of NYIT-NYCOM, facilitated the meeting, which included presentations on “best practices” at several COMs, “speed dating”-style quick presentations on a number of COM programs, and discussions with COSGP leaders about how COMSSO and COSGP can better work together.  The council ended its meeting with case study-based discussions on preceptor interactions over Dutch-treat lunch. Newly elected council leaders include Chair-Elect Thomas Moorman, EdD, of UNTHSC/TCOM, and new COSGP liaison LeAnn Carlton, MBA, of KCUMB-COM.  COMSSO’s next meeting will be held at the October 2012 AOA OMED convention in San Diego, CA. 

Council of Osteopathic Student Government Presidents (COSGP)

The Council of Osteopathic Student Government Presidents (COSGP), under the leadership of Chair Elizabeth Varadian, NYCOM/NYIT, met on Saturday, March 31, and Sunday, April 1, during the AACOM Annual Meeting, and co-sponsored and participated in a Friday afternoon session, “Preparing for Board Exams.”

Newly elected 2012-2013 COSGP Executive Board members include:

  • National Chair: Sally Mathew, NYCOM/NYIT
  • National 1st Vice Chair: Chelsea Nickolson, LMU-DCOM
  • National 2nd Vice Chair: Ali Abdullah, TouroCOM-NY
  • National Secretary: Christine Fitzsimmons, UNECOM
  • National Treasurer: Jace Eichorn, VCOM-VC
  • National Parliamentarian: Mark Beiszka, KCUMB-COM
  • National Legislative Affairs Representative: Soham Dave, WVSOM
  • National Medical Education Representative: Stephanie Stephens, NSU-COM
  • National Medical Research Representative: Nikhil Mohan, LECOM
  • National Programs Representative: Kelsey Berlin, DMU-COM
  • National Public Relations/ Web Representative: Dan Marks, KCUMB-COM
  • National Global Health Representative: Amber Hull, ATSU-SOMA
  • AOA Board of Trustees Student Delegate: Mansoor Jatoi, AZCOM/MWU (Mr. Jatio’s term ends at the July meeting)

COSGP members also participated in the Health Professions Recruitment Fair, which took place on Saturday afternoon.

Council of Student Financial Aid Administrators (CSFAA)

The Council of Student Financial Aid Administrators (CSFAA), led by Chairperson Kimberly Brown, PhD, Director of Finance, CCOM/MWU, convened via conference call on March 19, 2012. Members approved minutes from the CSFAA’s January in-person meeting and discussed the process for nominations for the upcoming council leadership election.  They also discussed the status of the AACOM-sponsored online educational module on financial aid loan repayment options in development for fourth-year osteopathic medical students. The module will be utilized by CSFAA members in conjunction with, or as a follow-up to, existing exit counseling offered by financial aid offices at each college of osteopathic medicine.  It builds upon an AACOM-sponsored financial aid webinar series featuring Paul S. Garrard, Founder and President, PGPresents, LLC, which was held last spring for council members.

AACOM Director of Government Relations Pamela Murphy, MSW, presented a legislative update and discussed AACOM’s 2012 COM Day on Capitol Hill. Other discussion topics included the usage of data collected in AACOM’s Annual Survey and the upcoming presentations of Sandra L. Rollins, MA, Director of Financial Aid at the UMDNJ-SOM, to COMAO, COMSSO, and COSGP at the 2012 AACOM Annual Meeting.  Ms. Rollins presented on behalf of the CSFAA on items of mutual interest to the councils.

CSFAA’s next meeting will be held via conference call in July.  A meeting date has not yet been set.

Council of Development and Alumni Relations Professionals (Dev-Alum)

AACOM’s Council of Development and Alumni Relations Professionals (Dev-Alum) met on March 29 for a full day of discussion and presentations under the leadership of newly installed Chair Felicia Bruno, Assistant Dean, Student Administrative Services & Alumni Affairs, NYCOM. A wide variety of topics were covered by well-versed and experienced presenters. Presentations included:

  • Legislative Updates, presented by Pamela Murphy, MSW,  Director of Government Relations, AACOM
  • Social Media—Engaging Young Alumni, presented by Deb Heineman, Assistant Director, Alumni Tracking/Graduate Programs, NYCOM
  • Building a Major and Principal Gift Pipeline, presented by Patty Hill Callahan, Associate Vice President,  Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
  • Crisis Management—Lessons From the Front Lines, presented by Beth Dollase, Vice President for Advancement, Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences

During the break, council members shared ideas and experiences regarding alumni associations, alumni boards, etc.  

International Collaborative Steering Committee (ICC)

AACOM’s International Collaborative Steering Committee (ICC) met on March 31 at the Embassy of the Slovak Republic to discuss issues related to international training of medical students and cultural competence.  At the meeting, Yogi Shah, of DMU-COM, took over as Chair from Dean Sutphin, and Jan Willcox was selected as the next Chair.  With more schools using overseas training for students at COMs, educators are using the ICC to share thoughts, concerns, documents and curricula, and to work together on issues related to international rotations. A listserv keeps members connected throughout the year.

Marketing and Communications Advisory Council (MAC)

The Marketing and Communications Advisory Council (MAC) met on March 30 under the leadership of Chair Karoline Lane, OU-HCOM. At the meeting, AACOM presented members with this year’s Excellence in Communications (EIC) awards, and attendees discussed the goals, methodology, and outcomes of the award-winning entries. At the AACOM Awards Banquet that evening, MAC member Jacqueline Forsythe, ATSU-SOMA, was presented with the EIC Best in Show Award for ATSU’s new corporate brand video.

Society of Osteopathic Medical Educators (SOME)

The Society of Osteopathic Medical Educators (SOME) met on Thursday, March 29, during the AACOM Annual Meeting. New SOME officers, as well as two new SOME Steering Comittee members, were elected during the assembly. The new officers of the Steering Committee are SOME Chair Elaine Soper, PhD, Associate Dean, Assessment and Educational Development, WVSOM; SOME Chair-Elect Luke Mortensen, PhD, FAHA, EMT, Director, OPTI Faculty Development, DMU-COM; and SOME Secretary Marti Echols, PhD, Assistant Dean of Medical Education, NSU-COM.  The new SOME Steering Committee members include Pamela Bashore, EdD, MPH, Associate Director for Medical Education, UMDNJ-SOM; and Diane Karius, PhD, Director of Human Patient Simulations, KCUMB-COM.

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