AACOM President Gives Testimony at ACGME Meeting

On September 28, AACOM President and CEO Stephen C. Shannon, DO, MPH, attended the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) Board Standing Committee meeting in Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Shannon attended the meeting to present testimony on the proposed Common Rule changes, which if approved could adversely impact osteopathic medical students. A final decision on implementing the Common Rule could be announced as early as November 1, 2012.

AACOM President Attends OIA Meeting in Paris

AACOM President and CEO Stephen C. Shannon, DO, MPH, and Associate Vice President for Medical Education Tyler Cymet, DO, recently attended the Osteopathic International Alliance’s (OIA) 2012 Annual Conference and General Meeting in Paris, France. Dr. Shannon’s activities at the meeting included sitting in as a guest during the OIA Board of Directors meeting on September 21. The theme of this year’s OIA conference was "Osteopathic Teaching: Competencies, Education and Evaluation.”

AACOM President and Staff Members Attend OMED 2012

AACOM President and CEO Stephen C. Shannon, DO, MPH, along with several AACOM staff members, attended the American Osteopathic Association’s (AOA) Osteopathic Medical Conference & Exposition (OMED) in San Diego, California, October 7-9. Tyler Cymet, DO, Associate Vice President for Medical Education; Lisa Etienne, Assistant Director of Communications and Marketing; Thomas Levitan, MEd, Vice President for Research & Application Services; Pamela Murphy, MSW, Director of Government Relations; Anna M. Naranjo, MA, Executive Assistant to the President; and John E. Roane, Chief Operating Officer, were all in attendance. Several AACOM groups and councils met at the conference; for information about these meetings, see Group and Council News.

AACOM President Attends IOM Meeting

AACOM President and CEO Stephen C. Shannon, DO, MPH, recently attended the 42nd Institute of Medicine (IOM) annual meeting. During the meeting, the IOM announced the names of 70 new members and 10 foreign associates. The meeting was held on October 15, 2012, in Washington, DC.


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