AACOM Releases 2013-14 Entering & Graduating Class Reports 

Entering and Graduating Class SurveysAACOM recently released two annual reports, the 2013-14 Entering Student Survey Summary and the 2013-14 Graduating Seniors Survey Summary. Each year, AACOM asks the nation’s colleges of osteopathic medicine (COMs) to administer the Entering and Graduating Student Surveys, which query DO students on a variety of topics related to osteopathic medical education (OME). AACOM’s Research Department analyzes and summarizes the outcomes of each survey and uses this information to generate the respective reports. Each report provides a comprehensive snapshot of OME debt, graduate medical education (GME) and specialty selection, and career plans. This information is used to generate statistics, trends, and other comparative figures and evaluations about U.S. osteopathic medical students, providing insight to OME.

Highlights from the 2013-14 Academic Year Entering Student Survey Summary include:

  • The mean expected OME debt increased by 6 percent, from $154,100 in 2012-13 to $163,628 in 2013-14.
  • From 2012-13 to 2013-14, mean expected scholarship/grant award amounts increased 16 percent (from $69,498 to $80,964), 23 percent more when compared to 2011-12.
  • From 2012-13 to 2013-14 though, the distribution of scholarship/grant award sources remained virtually the same—with the largest portion (11%) of awards from the COMs and/or their respective parent universities.
  • The largest award means remained attributed to the Armed Forces Health Professions (AFHP), at $245,155 in 2013-14, and the National Health Service Corps (NHSC), at $142,104 in 2013-14, scholarships—both of which stipulate graduation service requirements.
  • Income expected one year after residency increased from $129,660 (2012-13) to $135,756 (2013-14) among first-year students.

The 2013-14 Academic Year Survey of Graduating Seniors Summary reports the following statistical information:

  • The mean OME self-reported debt by 2014 graduates is $220,945—an increase of 4.5 percent from 2013 graduates.
  • Roughly 89 percent of graduates report having debt.
  • Of the 43 percent of graduates who report receiving scholarship/grant awards, the mean scholarships and grants reported by 2014 graduates is $62,965.
  • Consistent with prior year responses, 31 percent of graduates report plans to specialize in the primary care disciplines of general internal medicine, general pediatrics, and family medicine.
  • Over 80 percent of graduates report being very satisfied or satisfied with their osteopathic medical training.

View the full versions of these summaries and other AACOM reports on AACOM’s Reports web page

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