The American Medical Student Association (AMSA) PremedFest is a new event designed to support personal transformation among pre-medical and pre-health students. The concept and design of the event incorporated four stages—mind, body, spirit, and community—set up to facilitate personal transformation among pre-medical and pre-health students in four unique ways. Using creative outlets like music and art, the emphasis of the event as a "festival" rather than a "conference" aims to encourage attendees to explore and experience the journey into the medical and health professions.

The inaugural 2015 AMSA PremedFest, co-sponsored by AACOM, attracted more than 300 pre-medical students to the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL, April 11-12. The two-day event kicked off with an opening ceremony and keystone address from Patch Adams, MD, entitled, “Medicine for Fun, Not Funds.” The following day was devoted to clinical and professional skills workshops. The festival schedule also included these highlights:

  • “The Care Workshop: The Care of Self,” which featured Patch Adams, MD, Founder, Gesundheit Institute
  • “So why do I want to be a doctor? A discussion of medical students about motivations” moderated by AACOM Associate Director of Application Services and Recruitment Gina M. Moses, MEd
  • Live, Laugh, LUNCH
  • PremedFest Open Mic
  • A Debate on Healthcare Reform: From Fee-for-Service to Single Payer
  • Army Medical Programming
  • Networking Dinners
  • And a variety of presentations and interactive sessions along the medical education (OME) continuum

For more information about the association and for updates about the 2016 PremedFest, visit the AMSA website.

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