AACOM is excited to announce the upcoming release of our newly enhanced online discussion forum, AACOMmunities, in mid-June. The community website will include a fresh, modernized look and functional upgrade to complement the AACOM website redesign that launched last November.

The new AACOMmunities design was recently on display at the Joint AACOM & AODME 2015 Annual Conference in April, which provided us with great amount of positive and informative feedback in preparation for the summer launch. Conference attendees were invited to stop by the AACOM booth to learn about the newly enhanced AACOMmunities forum, pose for a free professional portrait (used for members’ online community profiles), and view a demo of the new site and its advanced features.

The upgraded AACOMmunities site will include streamlined navigation and enhanced usability. Community members will find it easier to post messages, search for members or discussions, update their profiles, and use the resource libraries.

The site will also offer an updated and more accessible FAQs section for quick reference.  “How-Tos” and community training tips are currently located in the AACOMmunities Q&As Training Materials, available to all community participants.  

Stay tuned …

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April/May 2015
Vol. 9, No. 4/5