In December, AACOM’s Government Relations Department, in conjunction with the Council of Student Financial Aid Administrators (CSFAA), launched its 2015 Financial Aid Debt Management Modules.   

Designed to inform and assist osteopathic medical students in decision-making regarding existing loan debt and new loans, this module series provides up-to-date information to guide borrowing and repayment throughout the life cycle of student loans.  These modules are offered by AACOM and its CSFAA as part of a continuing commitment to help provide financial aid administrators at the nation’s colleges of osteopathic medicine with the best educational debt management assistance possible for their students and future alumni.

Guided by input from the CSFAA, AACOM Government Relations spearheaded the development of two new modules for graduating medical students and first-year borrowers, and the update of three existing modules aimed at a broader medical student audience.  AACOM looks forward to the utilization of these educational tools by students as they navigate their respective professional and financial goals.  AACOM contracted with Paul Garrard, MBA, of PGPresents, LLC, to develop these tools for the CSFAA to utilize in conjunction with financial aid counseling, and to provide a resource for incoming osteopathic medical students on financial aid debt management. The five modules were developed in response to guidance provided by CSFAA members.

The following are the three updated modules for the Class of 2015:

  • Repayment Strategies for Osteopathic Medical School Graduates in the Class of 2015
  • Income Driven Repayment Plans and Forgiveness Programs as Part of Your Repayment Strategy
  • Student Loan Update: The Real Cost of Your D.O. Degree and Preview of Repayment Strategies
  • The following are the two new educational debt management modules:
  • Financial Decisions in Residency and Fellowship: Handling Your First Income Bump
  • Responsible Borrowing and Responsible Repayment: Special Tips for the Class of 2019

Please see the informational flyer, which provides a brief introduction for financial aid administrators, osteopathic medical students, and others who will benefit from these modules.

To access the modules, please visit

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