Wednesday, December 17 marked the first annual National Osteopathic Night Out. The nation-wide event was held from 1:00 pm to 10:00 pm in 25 states across the country. 

At local coffee shops in 69 cities, DO students hosted informal info sessions that gave pre-medical students a casual forum to learn about osteopathic medical school. National Osteopathic Night Out provided pre-medical students with the exciting opportunity to meet current DO students, and have questions about the osteopathic medical path answered.


AACOM’s Recruitment Department collaborated with National Pre-SOMA, SOMA, and COSGP to organize the successful event that attracted over 341 pre-medical students and 89 medical student volunteers. National Osteopathic Night Out is the first and only event of its kind in medical education, creating an innovative platform/opportunity to welcome pre-medical students to the osteopathic medical family and engage with (future) leaders/in their future/ career choice.

AACOM is looking forward to next year’s National Osteopathic Night Out, and to working with the osteopathic medical student volunteers and leaders, COMs, and pre-medical students around the country who have helped make this event a reality. We would like to thank all those who participated and hosted events, making National Osteopathic Night Out a success/achievement in osteopathic/medical education. (Special thanks to Courtney Stallings, OMS IV, at Touro University California for spearheading this event with AACOM.)

The Student Osteopathic Medical Association (SOMA) is the largest osteopathic medical student organization in existence.  Run on a national level by volunteer student leaders elected by their peers, SOMA acts as the voice of osteopathic medical students on issues that affect our medical education, our future careers, and the care of our future patients.

Pre-SOMA is the undergraduate division of SOMA, dedicated to the promotion of osteopathic medicine and the support of all students who aspire to become the kind of caring, compassionate and competent physicians that epitomize osteopathic medicine. You can get involved in Pre-SOMA by becoming a National Member or by being a part of a Pre-SOMA chapter at your local school. Find out more information on the SOMA website.

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January 2015
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