Department of Veterans Affairs Announces Phase II of VACAA GME Enhancement Initiative

On June 15, 2015, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Veterans Health Administration (VHA) issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) for GME Enhancement for residency positions allocated under the Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act (VACAA). This legislation, signed into law on August 7, 2014, directs the VA to create 1,500 medical residency positions over five years (for positions beginning July 1, 2015 through 2019), or to ensure that currently established graduate medical education (GME) programs have an adequate number of residency positions. 

The current RFP is the second phase of implementation of the VACAA legislation and will include allocation of up to 325 permanent, base residency positions nationwide in Academic Year (AY) 2016-2017. VACAA specifically targets the following specialties and/or geographic areas for the new medical resident positions:  

  • Primary Care  
  • Mental Health  
  • New Sites for GME  
  • Critical Access Needs, which are locations within health professional shortage areas (HPSAs), having a shortage of physicians, or in a program/area where there are delays in Veteran access to care, such as rural areas  

Formal applications in response to this RFP are due August 15, 2015. Please see the RFP document for online submission instructions and more information.  The AY 2016-2017 VACAA RFP database is open and ready to accept applications, please see the data entry and file upload instructions here.  

AACOM continues to collaborate with the OAA to facilitate the dissemination of information and resources on this opportunity to the osteopathic medical education community and its GME partners. The OAA offers its assistance to facilitate conversations with local VA facilities and the osteopathic medical education community, as needed. See AACOM’s announcement of Phase II of VACAA for more information.  

To learn more about VA’s GME expansion plan please visit the following resources: 

For additional resources on this initiative, please visit AACOM’s VA GME web page.  

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