AACOM recently released its annual faculty reports, which compare college of osteopathic medicine (COM) faculty by race/ethnicity, and by rank.

Faculty-reported data is collected using AACOM’s Annual Osteopathic Medical School Questionnaire, from which AACOM Research generates the annual reports on faculty and academic administrative staff. The Osteopathic Medical College Faculty by Race/Ethnicity and Osteopathic Medical College Basic Science Faculty by Rank reports provide insight to the diversity of full and part-time COM professors, instructors, and volunteers.

Faculty Snapshot

The annual Osteopathic Medical College Faculty by Race/Ethnicity report gives a snapshot of COM faculty race/ethnicity. For the past three academic years, the diversity of faculty race/ethnicity at the nation’s COMs has remained relatively unchanged, according to this data.

The 2015-16 Osteopathic Medical College Faculty by Race/Ethnicity report reveals the following statistics:

  • 42,423 total COM faculty reported–compared to 42,287 for 2014-15 and 35,999 for 2013-14 academic years
  • 481 total full-time and 269 part-time professors; 573 full-time and 688 part-time associate professors; and over 31,000 volunteers—all consistent relative to previous years
  • Of the 42,423 total COM faculty, the 2015-16 reported race/ethnicity shows the following distribution:
    • 1.75 percent Hispanic
    • 36.8 percent White
    • 0.14 percent American Indian
    • 2 percent Black/African American
    • 4.7 percent Asian
    • 0.13 percent Pacific Islander
    • 54.4 percent Unknown
  • Of the total COM faculty, underrepresented minority* (URM) faculty makes up 4.02 percent according to latest data, and also reflects an increasing trend in diversity of COM faculty over time. AACOM reports show a 1.3 percent increase in URM faculty since 2012-13, with a peak in 2013-14 of 4.4 percent URM faculty.

* Underrepresented minorities (URM) includes Hispanic/Latino ethnicity, Black/African American, Native American/Alaska Native and Hawaiian/Pacific Islander.

Subject Matters

The annual Osteopathic Medical College Basic Science Faculty by Rank report provides insight into the number and distribution of basic science faculty at the nation’s COMs based on “rank” or subject matter. The latest data for the 2015-16 academic year is consistent with faculty-reported data for both 2013-14 and 2014-15 academic years.

The 2015-16 Osteopathic Medical College Basic Science Faculty by Rank report demonstrates that:

  • 1,144 total basic science faculty reported at COMs—compared to 1,145 for 2014-15, and 1,102 for 2013-14
  • The highest proportion of basic science professors teach anatomy and physiology, which has been consistent for the past three academic years
  • The smallest number of basic science professors at total COMs reported basic science pathology, which is also consistent with previously reported data

How Can AACOM Research Benefit Your College?

Learn how you can use AACOM’s research and reports to enhance your COM curriculum, activities, recruitment, and other programs in Using AACOM’s Data—What You Can Do with the OME Data on the AACOM Website.

See more at the Latest Reports section of the AACOM website.
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