2016 Veteran Tribute

Wiliam D. Strampel, DO

Volunteers of America recently honored William D. Strampel, DO, Dean of the Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine (MSUCOM), during its fifth Veteran Tribute.

Chosen for a lifetime of service as both soldier and civilian, Dr. Strampel is emblematic of the veteran service standard of Volunteers of America. The annual Veteran Tribute, a fundraiser for Veterans of America Michigan’s services to homeless veterans, honors those who served their country and who continue to serve their community as civilians. 

Commitment to Medicine

Dr. Strampel’s career can be viewed from both the military and academic angles. From his perspective, however, it's all been about medicine. 

Before he arrived at MSUCOM in 1999, Dr. Strampel became a doctor of osteopathic medicine (DO) and forged a prominent 26-year career with the Army Medical Corps. Dr. Strampel’s career in the Army Medical Corps saw him take command positions all over the nation and overseas, including in the Office of the Secretary of Defense and Office of the Surgeon General.

While working at the Pentagon, Dr. Strampel was recruited to a position at MSU and became Dean of MSUCOM in 2002—today he is the longest-serving of all the University's deans. As such, he has presided over an era of expansion and innovation, and his leadership has brought MSUCOM’s work to five continents. Dr. Strampel has accumulated innumerable awards and accolades in the military and academia.

"As the state's largest provider of services to homeless veterans, we see first-hand the spirit of self-sacrifice on behalf of others exemplified by veterans," said Patrick Patterson, Executive Vice President of Volunteers of America Michigan. "We want to recognize and applaud that spirit, which Dr. Strampel has exhibited throughout his professional career."