Health Professions Week Roundup

AACOM, together with 18 participating health professions organizations, successfully hosted the first annual Health Professions Week (HPW) during the last week of September.


Through HPW's free interactive opportunities, prospective students explored the available medical and health education programs and career pathways, talked directly with current health care practitioners, and more.

AACOM Virtual Fair Expands Outreach

To kick off HPW, AACOM successfully conducted its first-ever virtual fair, during which the Association and college of osteopathic medicine (COM) faculty and staff chatted online with nearly 250 high school and college students about osteopathic medicine as a career option.

Of the event’s 4,000 participants, HPW attracted 1,401 high school student registrants, reinforcing AACOM’s new recruitment strategy to target prospective students earlier to expand the OME pipeline. About eight percent of all HPW registrants expressed an interest in osteopathic medicine!

Social Media Spotlight

AACOM’s recruitment initiatives also incorporate an active social media presence, and the online aspect of HPW underpins these efforts. Promotion of HPW via AACOM’s primary handles—@AACOMmunities and @AACOMASPreMed—is another example of AACOM’s growing online influence.

Using the hashtag #HPW2016, AACOM and fellow HPW participants together reached a total audience of 288,164 on Twitter, among other social channels. AACOM effectively engaged U.S. COMs, student organizations, and stakeholders who interface with those entering medical school or considering a future in the health professions.

Interprofessional Collaboration

AACOM’s collaborative efforts during HPW reinforces the Association’s goal to develop strong and productive relationships with other national health professions education organizations and associations, undergraduate advisors, high school guidance counselors, and other education professionals to inform them of the career opportunities in osteopathic medicine.

HPW was a joint effort among 19 health professions; sponsors including HOSA, Liaison International, Kaplan, and the National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions (NAAHP); and 15 non-health professions education organizations that assisted in promotion and sponsorship for the event.
"I think what I learned the most through Health Professions Week is how valuable all types of health professions are. No matter if you specialize in feet, teeth, speech, or any other type of therapy, we're all working together in one way or another to heal and enrich the lives of our patients. No matter which health profession you go into and fits you best, you're going to be touching the lives of those around you,” said one student participant."

Planning for the 2017 HPW is already underway!


Jessica James
Digital Recruitment and Application Services Specialist